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  1. Oops, sorry. added! also sorry for the long post. just want to help others in my situation. seems to not be a lot of info i can find on this.
  2. Hi guys, I'm wanting to setup a Taiga container (taiga.io) but am struggling with the non click & install process. Hoping someone can throw together a Taiga image or guide me through whatever I'm missing with manually setting everything up :s This looks like a fantastic Project Management tool & seems to be just what I'm after with my project, I have moved from Trello to Favro & now prefer the style of Taiga. I think this would be a fantastic addition to the Unraid CA Library. There are already dockerhub containers for this but their setup process is not simple for me. integrated db would be very beneficial. plz & thanks?! cheers Edit: So after a lot of trial & error for hours i managed to get it running. for anyone else that stumbles upon this, this is what i've done: Install postgresql from CA, fill your new database info & map the port 5432 to 5432 Download the taiga example files (conf.json & local.py) from benhutchins/taiga & put them in appdata/taiga-benhutchins Edit the conf.json to point the api to your servers ip address ("api": "") & also delete this line ("contribPlugins": ["/plugins/slack/slack.json"],) Edit the local.py & comment out this line (INSTALLED_APPS += ["taiga_contrib_slack"]) find the benhutchins/taiga image in CA by searching more results from docker (advanced setting) & configure it as pictured below. If you have no email server like myself, go to the admin page ( & make new users in there. The big issues i had were that it seems to not like the port being changed from 80 (though i've read that it should be possible in the backend), so for now i will just remap my current port 80 app to another port. Another issue i frustratingly had was i couldn't access the admin page to make a new user unless i changed the port to anything but 80. But I assume this was simply old cached data causing the issue that i could have easily fixed but didn't think of it at the time. Hope that helps someone. Would love to see a click & install option in the future
  3. @binhex So did you do anything to resolve the previous issue with the Urbackup Docker container? Or was this issue resolved by the Urbackup team or via using privileged mode? Super excited to see this back in unRAID.