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  1. Yes, I'm setting up a brand new unraid box and the nerdtools plugin I just installed will not actually install perl. It also has "lost" netcatBSD from the list after I tried to install that. I've used nerd tools for a long time and have never had any issue---but something weird happening with the latest one. I tried deinstalling, rebooting and reinstalling nerd tools. Did not change the problem. I did not try to install anything else.
  2. Virt-Manager docker install worked fine for me---running well. The main reason I wanted to run Virt-Manager is for ***snapshots***. I do a lot of development on my VM's that are sometimes risky and the only way to protect myself from my risky moves is frequent, manual snapshots---which I cannot do easily with the UNRAID supplied system. The snapshot feature works as I would like---except that the snapshots are all gone if I have to reboot the UNRAID host. I kinda-sorta understand why.....(probably unsuported VM data which lives in the ram file system) .....but I really
  3. I've had very good luck running vm's in the unRAID xen system so far. I had not tried Ubuntu 14.04 yet but I have installed Debian and CentOS and didn't have any issues. So I just now installed Ubuntu 14.04 server, updated it and played with it for a few hours. It seems rock solid to me--no networking issues on my install. My basic .cfg for Linux has a few differences from yours--here is mine, pre-installation: name = 'ubuntu1404' builder = 'hvm' memory = 2048 vcpus = 1 disk = ['qcow2:/mnt/cache/VMs/ubuntu1404/ubuntu1404.qcow2,hda,w' , 'file:/mnt/cache/VMs/iso_store/ubuntu-14.04-s