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  1. Hey, I have been running a Valheim server for a few weeks now without any hitches, however today. It has stopped working properly. The docker keeps resetting itself after about a minute of uptime. I have attached a photo of the logs. It gets to RecordsteamInterfaceCreation (PID63): SteamNetworkingSockets008 and stops there, and repeats. I have tried stopping and restarting the docker... I am not really sure what the error is and what to do, any help would be appreciated.
  2. Why do a port forward instead of a reverse proxy? I use a Nginx Proxy Manager docker for my ombi and Nextcloud access...
  3. @ich777 Also, If I do the reverse proxy or other method of getting outside, will this work like a realm?
  4. @ich777 I dont even know how I didnt see that. Thank you. In the future, when new versions come out, Ill have to go in there and update the settings right? or will it go on its own now?
  5. @ich777 Any ideas? Im pretty sure Ive got a setting wrong. Back in my CS classes I always missed a comma somewhere.
  6. Yeah. I fixed the docker.img issue and it is still kicking it to 1.11.4
  7. @ich777I tried it again this morning. I put in, however when I go into minecraft it tells me it is on v1.11.4 I will attach a screengrab of the settings and then the pic in minecraft. I have another issue apparently where my docker.img is corrupt....(filling up logs) Ill fix that and see if that fixes this.
  8. Hey, Long time reader, first time poster. I am on unRaid 6.7.2. I have had Plex and other dockers running smoothly for a while. Today, Plex became unresponsive remotely. I came home, did a docker reboot and its running perfectly fine. I ran "Fix Common Problems" and it said my /var/log was getting full 99% utilization, and recommend I get my diagnostics and post them here. So here we are. I had an issue trying to watch a 4k movie(not enough bandwidth with all the devices running) and was trying transcode to 1080 8mbps on the Samsung Q80 Plex TV app, but it would not change settings
  9. So I just install the docker, with in the docker settings and then do I need to run any other settings for it before getting it to work? I have not set up a minecraft server before, not sure if there are other settings I need to fix first. If there is a directions page or readme I am just missing, please let me know.
  10. I have been trying to get the Minecraft Bedrock version to work, but Minecraft on Win10 bedrock always kicks back saying it is out of date. In the docker set up I have entered 1.12 (I think thats the most recent..?) and it still is showing up as out of date. Do I need to adjust that somewhere else?