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  1. I can probably do that on the weekend but I need to remove critical date first. but I think you will not see anything. I tried to restor my ts3 server by copying the old files from friday and removed the files from monday. In the mean time. Could it be that the userscript for my sheduled restart doesn't savely powerdown the server? It is this one: The folders for the channels are still there but the server can't read them. I now did rebuild the server again and there are now 60 channels in "\appdata\binhex-teamspeak\sql\files\virtualserver_1" I have acctualy 30 channels on my server. Teamspeak was only able to read the icons. What do I need to do to backup my ts3 server and what do I need to do to restore it? Right now I just made a copy of the "binhex-teamspeak" folder in \appdata. But simply change the new files and replace them with the old ones doesn't work.
  2. Okay another od thing for you binhex. Today I had a sheduled restart of my server at 04:00. And my teamspeak server is gone. The data in appdata/binhex teamspeak is still there but if I connect to the server there are no channels or rights. (Just the default ts3 channel, like a new teamspeak server) I copied my backup to the folder, restartet everything, it doesn‘t change anything. Do you have an idea why this can happen? Oh and i‘m still the admin, I don‘t need to use the token. thank you for your help.
  3. I decided to roll back to unraid 6.6.7. Because I were just finishing work on the Teamspeak rights I didn‘t back it up yet. So I had to rebuild it. After 4h of work my teamspeak is 90% back and runing. Will make a backup asap. 😅 Thank you for your help. It‘s realy strange when the teamspeakserver dies while 50+ people are acitve on it and you have no idea what is going on.
  4. Yes I'm using unraid 6.7.2 and yes everything is on the array. I hav no cach drive. I'm using an usb 2 stick for unraid and 3x 8GB WD Red HDD as array (1 as parrity disc).
  5. Hello binhex. I'm using your docker for about 2 months now and it worked all fine. Today my group and I were online and it just crashed from one second to another without any warning. Now I can't connect on the TS Server. Everything else works fine on my server. (Plex etc.) I did restart the TS3 docker and later on the server. I still can't connect. Checked the Ports on my router, all fine. Checket my dns service, allso working. Checket the logs and found this error: (the colours are as they are in the log) Do you know what this means and how I can fix it? Thanks and best regards Akuno
  6. Tahnk you for the link. I got this out: 0 4 * * 1 reboot >/dev/null 2>&1 But I think I just need to set in the userscript the crone shedule to custom and write there >0 4 * * 1<. Am I right?
  7. Hi guys First let me thank you for the tool and support you provide. Now my question. I just made a script #!/bin/bash reboot and it works finde. Yeay! Now I want it to be sheduled every monday at 04:00 am how do i set the custom crone shedule? (what do i write in there?) Tahnks for your help
  8. Hello guys and girls I‘m right now building my first server and I‘m not so sure about the os for it. I consider unraid primarely for one feature: the possability to integrate new HDD‘s easly in the system. Now what do I want to do with the Server. First and foremost it will be a server for Plex but I also want a Ts3 Server on it and maybe later on some TTT (gaming) Server too. Can I do all these things with unraid? Will my hardware be enough? Right now I don‘t want to compress the movies, it will all be on Lan, maybe later on I will open the server for my family to watch movies over the internet. Hardware: i5 4600 8GB DDR3 Ram no GPU for now 3x 8TB WD Red