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  1. Yes I'm using unraid 6.7.2 and yes everything is on the array. I hav no cach drive. I'm using an usb 2 stick for unraid and 3x 8GB WD Red HDD as array (1 as parrity disc).
  2. Hello binhex. I'm using your docker for about 2 months now and it worked all fine. Today my group and I were online and it just crashed from one second to another without any warning. Now I can't connect on the TS Server. Everything else works fine on my server. (Plex etc.) I did restart the TS3 docker and later on the server. I still can't connect. Checked the Ports on my router, all fine. Checket my dns service, allso working. Checket the logs and found this error: (the colours are as they are in the log) Do you know what this means and how I can fix it? Thanks and best regards Akuno
  3. Tahnk you for the link. I got this out: 0 4 * * 1 reboot >/dev/null 2>&1 But I think I just need to set in the userscript the crone shedule to custom and write there >0 4 * * 1<. Am I right?
  4. Hi guys First let me thank you for the tool and support you provide. Now my question. I just made a script #!/bin/bash reboot and it works finde. Yeay! Now I want it to be sheduled every monday at 04:00 am how do i set the custom crone shedule? (what do i write in there?) Tahnks for your help
  5. Hello guys and girls I‘m right now building my first server and I‘m not so sure about the os for it. I consider unraid primarely for one feature: the possability to integrate new HDD‘s easly in the system. Now what do I want to do with the Server. First and foremost it will be a server for Plex but I also want a Ts3 Server on it and maybe later on some TTT (gaming) Server too. Can I do all these things with unraid? Will my hardware be enough? Right now I don‘t want to compress the movies, it will all be on Lan, maybe later on I will open the server for my family to watch movies over the internet. Hardware: i5 4600 8GB DDR3 Ram no GPU for now 3x 8TB WD Red