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  1. Thank you, i wasn't able to find that option on the bios so i contacted asus and they replied that the option is only available for GPUs that are in the qvl. I'm going to have to change the Evga gf 210 with a zotac gf 610, was the less expensive card available in the qvl. Thanks for the tip
  2. Hello, I have a Pc with: -MBoard: Asus crosshair VII (wifi) -CPU: Amd ryzen 2700 -GPU: GeForce 210 As a server for shears and docker containers is running well, but now I was planning to create 2 VMs: In the first one I have an rx 580 to passthrough, and in the second one I was planning to do the same but with an r7 360. I wanted to put the GeForce 210 in the last pcie slot(PCIEx4_3),how can I set unraid to use that card instead of the one in the first pcie slot (would be the rx580). Thank you to everyone for the help.