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  1. Awesome. My cache drive and I thank you.
  2. I love your new version, specifically the ability to let files rest on the cache for a while. Thank you for your work. Is there a way to use ages that aren't in the dropdown menu? Right now, I can only choose none, 5, 10 or more days for example. My cache space is a little bit tight, and I'd love to use 3 days for example.
  3. Never had any hard lockup problems on 6.8.2 or 6.8.3 Twice in 2 days my system locked up completely. Today when I looked at the screen, lots of rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU and dump sack messages on the screen. Both times, the system wasn't under load. It's a fairly basic plex server, but wasn't being used at the time. System is: M/B: ASRock B450 Gaming-ITX/ac Version BIOS: Version P3.70. Dated: 11/18/2019 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X RAM: 16 GiB DDR4 Here is the message that repeats over and over. After the first c