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  1. Any performance gains with disabled ACL?
  2. I also know that this plugin is Alpha/Beta... and I've used the usercript version before I installed it... and I use it now. As written before, it's important to report the findings otherwise this plugin will always remain Alpha/Beta.
  3. The VM Backup Plugin is great and really I want to use it but it causes several issues (see also 2 posts above), so I had to uninstalled the VM Backup Plugin. This uninstall fixes the following 3 issues for me: 1. the "error: failed to connect to the hypervisor" in console during startup (many others reported this error too in another thread, but it seams to work anyway) 2. Array stop not possible, stuck at "sync filesystem" => therefore no reboot/shutdown possible 3. Install of habridge docker image (and probably others?) not possibel with the following error: Error:
  4. Now I've also uninstalled the VM Backup Plugin. This uninstall fixes 3 issues for me: 1. this "error: failed to connect to the hypervisor" 2. Array stop not possible, stuck at "sync filesystem" 3. Install of habridge docker image not possibel with the following error: Error: could not get decompression stream: fork/exec /usr/bin/unpigz: no such file or directory
  5. I've changed my VM's NIC also from 'virtio' to <model type='virtio-net'/> and since then no more "unexpected GSO type" in my logs. I've 3 VM's (2 Win + 1 CentOS) running and 3 dockers on br0 with 5.5 kernel.
  6. You have to compile your own kernel or just use the new one from Leoyzen for unraid 6.8.3 Have a look at this topic:
  7. 6.8.3-5.5.8 works great for me, thanks!!! I need Navi Reset Patch + AMD onboard audio/usb controller flr patch on a B450 board... and all I need works like a charm!!!
  8. You can try my kernel build for Unraid 6.8.2 attached here. Includes Navi reset patch version 2 + X570/B450 onboard USB/audio passthrough patch. Use at your own risk!!! Please backup your original files first.
  9. supersaw thanks for this hint, it really works! I've compiled a new 4.19.94 kernel for Unraid 6.8.1 with this Audio + USB kernel patch: And now a can pass through onboard USB + audio without crashing Unraid any more.
  10. Same here, also after update to Unraid 6.8.1 But all my VM's runs well... df tells: /dev/sda1 30016160 605280 29410880 3% /boot
  11. Hi, I've the same onboard audio passthrough issue on a B450 board. GPU passthrough with HDMI audio works great, but when I try the onboard audio, my unraid crashes... also with syslinux setting and yes it's in its own iommu group. Any solutions for this so far?
  12. As I read, Unraid 6.9.0 will bring back the 5.x kernel, which had to be reverted for 6.8.0 So therefore yes, new Unraid versions with new kernel removes the navi patch.
  13. You are right, but in my case the Navi patch is just a workaround and had to be removed from the 6.8.0 RC releases because of issues... and I dont want to wait until AMD probably fixes this issue in there driver or with a VGA bios.
  14. For all with AMD Navi and Error 127... I've compiled my first linux kernel with the updated NAVI patch (from 27-11-2019) for unraid 6.8.0 kernel version 4.19.88. I do not need other patches like pci-reset-quirk or HW support of the 5.x kernels. It works for me (B450 Board with Ryzen 3600 + Sapphire 5700 XT Pulse) except the Navi audio. Some times I get the following error (after "Force Stop") and still need to reboot the rig: qemu-system-x86_64: vfio: Cannot reset device 0000:09:00.1, no available reset mechanism. But within Win10 ever reboot works like a charm... without th