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  1. Just found this post after making my own. I'm also having the same problem..
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to track down a problem where my server crashes and has unreadable scrolling text forcing a hard reboot. I followed the steps here: Attached are the settings I'm using (for syslog and share). As you can see in the Share screenshot, there are no files on disk (nothing for syslog in /mnt/cache) I assume I'm making a simple mistake but I can't find it. Any tips?
  3. Change your repository to: linuxserver/sonarr:preview
  4. Oh, I see! I opened the R510 to take some pictures and I see that the PSU runs to a small board that then runs to the mobo and backplane. Perfect, thank you!
  5. Thanks for the reply! If I'm understanding correctly, if I were to go with the SAS expander route, I would: 1. Put an expander in each server (like these) 2. Connect the two SAS expanders 3. Connect the existing HBA from the R720 into the expander 4. Connect the two backplane SAS connectors from the R720 to the expander 5. Connect the two backplane SAS connectors from the R510 to the expander ...and I'm good to go? As for your last suggestion, what do you mean by unplugging the power from the mainboard? I'm assuming you mean pull power from the motherboard on the R510, but how would the drives receive power?
  6. Hey guys, I have an R720xd running unRAID currently. I also have an R510 that's otherwise unused, but I'm wondering if there's some way to connect them so that I can use the extra drive bays from the R510 to add to the array on the R710. If that's a stupid question, please let me know. Just hoping to make the most of the hardware I have rather than pay for another solution.
  7. I unfortunately can't get this to work at all, but I hope someone else can. I can access my dockers through my dns:port, as I could before, but not the unraid GUI unfortunately. Port 51820 gives me "this site can't be reached". I've tried all the steps repeatedly, but no joy. Good luck to everyone else!
  8. Hi, I just installed this and pointed unmanic at my library, but nothing at all happens. Is there, like, a start button that I'm missing? In the unmanic settings I have: /library/movies -> /mnt/user/plex/movies /library/tv -> /mnt/user/plex/series /tmp/unmanic -> /tmp/unmanic In unmanic settings: /library/movies /tmp/unmanic Run Scan on Start is selected EDIT: For some reason, about an hour later, it started running.