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  1. Hi there. Thats where I am going and it does not work. Says connection refused. I have tried different ports in the advanced bit of the docker set up as well. I have had this issue on numerous dockers. However this one has been updated in the last few days so I was hoping it would work. Other dockers work find but so far as I can tell its all very similar in the templates. I just find it bizarre there are no instructions for these various dockers, I guess because they should 'just work' and the user follow the instructions for the actual software, but I cannot get past first base.
  2. Sorry for being curt earlier, I was frustrated. I really prefer access as a guest, particularly for my family and for things like roon or plex or other apps that connect to network shares. I suppose if I have to have it that its not guest access then it is what it is. I am enjoying other elements of unraid immensely, but in all my tinkerings I have never encountered an issue like this over SMB. Even more frustrating is today its working perfectly! I will try and gather logs when it misbehaves again.
  3. Hi there. I have successfully got a number of dockers going, transmission, plex and roon all run fine. But lots of dockers I simply cannot get past the first hurdle, because the webgui says either server is not respond or err_connection_refused. For the most part I am using host, but have also tried various options int he networking bit. For instance I have tried installing nextcloud, apparently its running, the log shows nothing unusual, so far as I am aware the thing is working perfectly. In the above my assumption is I goto myip:443? Well that just results in connection refused, I tried with http and https just in case. Many other dockers in that host port actually show port 80, which when I select webgui just goes straight back to the unraid main page. Could someone give me an idea of what I am doing wrong and why I cannot access the webgui of a lot of dockers. I have also tried various Photo hosting apps, and other things always the same issue, it appears to be running but I cannot access the webgui. Many thanks
  4. Hi can someone point to a resource that will help with this and indeed other dockers? I feel thick but why is so little information given. I have loaded this docker and when I hit the webgui it just returns to the unraid page? Perhaps because its gui is set to port 80, why is that? Is there any resources on how to use these dockers because so many of them exhibit the same behavior, apparently they are running but I cannot access them, its extremely frustrating.
  5. Well I went through that thread the only answer seems to be to delete entries from credentials manager. I have no credentials listed for unraids addy, I would not expect one I should be able to connect as a guest as this is how its set up. Its a real shame, and frankly very typical of free open source software, where the issues is always someone elses fault., however I have paid good money for unraid. I have never experienced this issue with OpenMediaVault, neither freenas (Which actually I did not particularly like for other reasons) and thats on the same kit I am now running unraid. My only hope is Unraid take responsibility and fix it. What ever the issue is, all I see from my end is a problem with Unraid not working with the largest consumer operating system on earth.
  6. Hi thanks unPaid. I had tried that before but like a moron left the <> in!
  7. Hi sorry not very sure of the wording here. I have a single Nic which I set up wunraid with so its eth0 I also have installed a 4 port card. I am able to set this card to be bonded, but it works differently in docker etc, you cannot set for instance the docker to work on host as its using eth0. So in essence I want to make the bond eth0. Is that something I can do, or will that screw things up more?
  8. HUm, ok I see that part of the issue is unraid simply does not update the screen, if I refresh the webpage things are looking healthier
  9. I have inserted a four port intel nic into my unraid server. Eth0 is already set up as DHCP (build in nic on motherboard) The 4 ports of the new card are detected. However if I set them to automatic detection it spins off like its going to do it then gives up apparently and the address fields etc remain unfilled. I cannot click apply again because it seems unraid thinks its done. This is not cabling issue, the cables are known good. The card is good, pulled from another device. I have UNTANGLE as a router, its excellent hardware and ubiquiti as networking. I wonder if I misunderstand how Unraid works, am I allowed to have a number of nics in use? (I want to apply them to my dockers) Any hints would be appreciated
  10. I wonder it TVDB does not want plex pulling on it, it does seem to break very often and its hard to know whos fault it is. Mine did eventually scrape last night. This particular docker though, well plex is not great through it. You cannot scrub for instance, trying to fast forward simply does not work once you have fast forwarded you then have to stop the playing movie and restart it for it to pick up where you scrubbed to and play No such issues in the VM version. Its a shame, I'll stick with it for now. I am trying to get my head around dockers, they are super super unfriendly for average joes, very geeky stuff. I also notice there are like a million available for unraid and 90% of them seem to be redundant or dumb stuff like the webgui is on port 80 etc. Hey ho.
  11. Hi where exactly do I put this, it would be super if a little detail was given for those of us that are not linux programmers!
  12. Hum, having finally coxed this docker to work, I have to agree very hit and miss on the tv scraping. Think I will stick with a VM.
  13. I am reluctant to blame unraid for that there has been scraping issues with TVDB for ages. I just flipped all the options over to Movie Database which does ok
  14. Cannot get this going, it says its going, in the logs, and web gui will load but there are no servers found
  15. Hey brill it worked and I finally get it, I am essentially creating a link between the container and the unraid? Well anyway its important lets see how we get on! Thanks for your help