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  1. Can someone please explain how I fix InfluxDB Error: Bad Gateway. Its doing my head in. I have read every thread in the world about this. Everything seems to refer to docker compose, I just feel like every docker in community apps is broken some how and I would be better off with compose lol. Any hints for a moron here? I have everything else going influxdb is receiving data and I can easily access its web gui so I know its working. I have tried entering the Ip and entering the container name nothing works
  2. Ok so I changed the bond to be eth0 and the server told me to reboot which I did. I booted in GUI mode and can see the interface from there. Dockers can now reach the internet. But I cannot access the GUI from LAN
  3. I am having a strange issue. I have never really delved into VMs on unraid but as I cannot get timemachine to work on unraid itself I thought I would be clever and install a VM with OpenbMediaVault to manage that aspect. I have elected to put the main install on the cahce which is SSD, so fast I guess. I have allocated 12 cores and 8 gigs. The installer worked fine and quick and I could get to the interface but then something in the update went screwy and it would no longer boot (never had this issue on ESXi) so I tried again, deleted the VM created a new, different name etc. This time it starts out nice and quick again on installing OMV, but it got slower and slower and slower. What should be a 3 minute instal is upto 40 minutes now, with the progress bars barely moving. So I tried again. This time even worse. I have not tried rebotting the server yet, but thats what it feels like, ram run out or something (The dashboard says less than 5% is being used) What could cause this behaviour is there a setting I have gone wrong with somewhere, should I not use the cache?
  4. Well for me its a rhetorical question, because no it does not. I followed the instructions to set up a time machine share but it does not show on my two macs as an option. Can anyone else back up their BigSur via timemachine, what did you do different to the instructions provided?
  5. Ok I'll take a look, but surely a bond of 4 nics is not one mac address?
  6. Additional info on Nic one, the settings for it allow me to enter DNS. But the bond settings do not offer this. Evidently I need to make the Bond the main one, but unraid seems pretty wed to me using only Nic 1.
  7. Hi. I feel like I asked this years ago but can find no evidence. When I first set up unraid it was on a single ethernet lead into Nic 1. That worked fine. Today I tried setting up a bond on 4 other nics. And whilst it connects internally just fine, it cannot access the internet, none of my dockers work etc. I tried deleting the config files for network from the USB and start again, but this clearly does not delete all networking stuff because unraid complained that Nic1 was down and to plug in a cable. I know I had this problem before, but for the life of me I cannot recall how I fixed it. In short I dont want to use Nic1, I want to use the bond I created. Can someone give me a pointer?
  8. I did a new install of roon on unraid using this docker, getting major issues. It will run for a while then becomes unstable and seems to crash or at least cannot be seen on the network the docker is running. If I restart it, it comes back but the squeezebox devices on the network can no longer be found until I restart them, then it works again for a while before the cycle restarts. I see lots of this in the logs has mp3float: 1, aac_fixed: 0 Running Not responding Error Initializing Started Not responding aac_fixed decoder found, checking libavcodec version... has mp3float: 1, aac_fixed: 0 Running Not responding Error Not responding Initializing Started aac_fixed decoder found, checking libavcodec version... has mp3float: 1, aac_fixed: 0 Running Not responding [0;37;1m[0;0m00:00:00.002 [0;31mWarn: get lock file path: /tmp/.rnsgem0-[0;0m [0;37;1m[0;0m00:00:00.114 [0;36mTrace: [childprocess] using unix child process[0;0m Initializing Started aac_fixed decoder found, checking libavcodec version... has mp3float: 1, aac_fixed: 0 Running Not responding Error
  9. hi there. I can see a key file yes inside the config folder. I cannot open it. Presumably if I copy that then wipe the usb and reinstall and put that back in, could I expect it to work, on the basis I am using the same usb?
  10. hi there. Yes I want to start from scratch essentially. The server etc is all new and the usb has been sat idle for a year. Thing is I dont have my licence. I have emailed yesterday, so will have to wait for a response.
  11. Thanks for this. Good news I found the USB stick. However I guess I still need to try and contact them as this is a whole new server so I would really want a fresh install.
  12. Hello folks, I had unraid on an older server and in the end went for something different. I did however purchase a key. For the life of me I cannot find the USB stick it was on and now I have a new server I want to try again. This will sound dim, but how do I get my registration key back, for the life of me I cannot find anything in my emails etc, which is frustrating. Looking around the unraid website there is no way to login, have I lost it forever? Cheers
  13. A better solution would be for Unraid to just fix this issue, its a joke. I shouldn't have to do this on the 5 pcs in my house. Its not windows its Unraid, plain and simple. Other opensource products such as Freenas and OMV work flawlessly with windows. Unraid Fix Your Software!
  14. Could someone tell me how to 'update manually'? Within plax app its tellin gme there is a server update but I have to manually install it, I have no idea how to do that.