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  1. Ok I found the problem by random. My Wireguard tunnel somehow mess up my unRAID network which I did make any changes. Weird. I solved it by deactivate the problematic tunnel.
  2. use nano or vi. If you want to access it through Windows GUI, try WinSCP.
  3. 2 ways to do so, either from Web GUI terminal, or SSH (if you enabled) 1. Login to your Web GUI 2. Click on the terminal icon at the top-right 3. cd to "/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker" Leave me a like if this helps! Thanks.
  4. My server suddenly cannot access and ping the Internet / / However, the server can ping my own computer, gateway, router (pfSense) and vice versa. I can access the WEB GUI without issue. Other devices on the network are working normally (can access the Internet). Even the VM on the server can access the Internet. I tried to restart, shutdown, completely shutdown the server, but these doesn't work. What I also found is that the versions in docker page shows "not available", same as the following posts, but I look into that thread already and that should be fixed in 6.9.2 alread
  5. Hi folks, as long as I remember, I did not do any changes recently to the unraid server. It just suddenly cannot connect to the Internet, it can ping my router (pfSense), ping my computer, even the VM running on the Unraid can access the Internet. I can access the Unraid Web GUI without problem. However, the Unraid itself cannot access or ping the Internet / / at all. And I see no traffic log related to the Unraid in my pfSense. May someone please guide me what should I do? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your response. I am just curious about it and thought it would be interesting. Not intended to do it in any short time 😛
  7. If I already have a container from linuxserver/swag (with nginx in it), can I just copy the config to swag, instead of creating another container?
  8. I was using Unraid with Wireguard just fine, until I moved the Unraid into site A where no public IP available (behind ISP NAT). Asking ISP to fix it is not gonna be a solution. I have another site B with dynamic IP available. I am planning to buy a Rasberry Pi and install PiVPN (Wireguard) on it for Site B. The problem is, I am not sure how to configure properly in order to handshake a tunnel between 2 sites. My ultimate goal is to access my Unraid in site A by this route: Internet -> DDNS of site B->Site B's router (normal home router)->B's Wireguard (Rasberry Pi)->Tu
  9. Thanks! After another rebooting, they shown as mountable, and I am able to preclear them now. Thank you so much!
  10. Thanks. I tried and the following is the output (seems not working with the 2nd command😞 root@UnRaid:~# wipefs -a /dev/ sdj1 wipefs: error: /dev/: probing initialization failed: Is a directory root@UnRaid:~# wipefs -a /dev/sdm1 /dev/sdm1: 4 bytes were erased at offset 0x00000000 (xfs): 58 46 53 42 root@UnRaid:~# wipefs -a /dev/sdj /dev/sdj: 2 bytes were erased at offset 0x000001fe (dos): 55 aa /dev/sdj: calling ioctl to re-read partition table: Device or resource busy root@UnRaid:~# wipefs -a /dev/sdm /dev/sdm: 2 bytes were erased at offset 0x000001fe (dos): 55 aa /dev/sdm: calling ioctl t
  11. Hi there! I have been using UnRaid for awhile already, and I have 2 idle disks would like to preclear them first. iirc, I did once to them but I am not sure so I would like to preclear them again. But then I am having issue while dealing with sdj and sdm. When I use binhex-preclear docker to preclear sdj and sdm with command below: preclear_binhex.sh -f -M 4 /dev/sdj I got an error below: blockdev: ioctl error on BLKRRPART: Device or resourece busy So I tried to delete the partitions in UD for sdj and sdm, (destructive mode enabled), and got the errors as
  12. Was having this issue since had updated to iirc version "2020.08.01a". After updated to "2020.08.03" just now, the CPU problem disappears.
  13. Thanks for your reply. I am sorry that I am kinda noob in nginx, not sure how to do, would you please guide me on how to do it or what should I search in Google? Thanks!
  14. By default, after installing the letsencrypt docker, when accessing mydomain.com or *.mydomain.com (except defined subdomain), we would land on a page with the following message: <div class="message"> <h1>Welcome to our server</h1> <p>The website is currently being setup under this address.</p> <p>For help and support, please contact: <a href="me@example.com">me@example.com</a></p> </div> May I know is there a way to return 404 or 444 or whatever error for any pages th