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  1. What is the recommended procedure for upgrading dual parity drives to larger drives? I've read that you can replace both at the same time, but is it safer or even possible to do one at a time?
  2. Issuing the echo "Hello, World" | mail -s "My email check" user@gmail.com command is successful while logged into the docker. Wouldn't that prove credentials are good? Maybe I don't know what else you are referring to.
  3. Ok, I knew it had to be something along those lines... I got logged into the docker and can send test email manually but when I set up a filter to email on an event (which I'm not sure I did correctly) I get the following message in the syslog inside the docker: Dec 5 22:15:45 aeb2d1aae291 zmfilter[601]: ERR [Can't send email: SMTP Failed to connect to mail server: Connection refused at /usr/bin/zmfilter.pl line 817.]
  4. I've tried following the email setup that you linked to in your original post. I can not send email from my unraid CLI with the "mail" command but can with this: echo "Subject: Test message" echo "test text" | ssmtp user@gmail.com
  5. Has anyone gotten email (gmail) to work in ZM 1.30.4 docker?
  6. I've had this problem too but not with that docker. stop/start array doesn't help, always have to reboot.
  7. It happened again, this time I've attached the diagnostics file. In the log file the root@gmail.com email was at Sep 25 00:18:10. I've noticed one other person on the forum seems to be having the same issue. Today before I rebooted I checked if the disk shares were gone as well, the disk shares are still accessible, so I can still get to them via CLI. For example cd /mnt/disk1/folder it just seems to be the virtual user shares that disappear until I reboot the server. oraid-diagnostics-20170925-0708.zip
  8. Having an issue where my shares disappear. The server continues to run, I'm not seeing anything obvious in the syslog. The shares are just gone at some point... if I go to the /shares tab in the GUI there is nothing listed. If I try to go to /mnt/user in the CLI, it's gone too. I've attached the syslog from tonight. I have a cron job that runs at *:18 which moves files it finds in an "inbound" folder on the cache and moves them to the array. I also have a cron that runs at *:33 checking to see if my /mnt/user folder is still there and notifies me via prowl if it's not. When that happens I download the syslog and then have to reboot the server to get the shares back online. At the end of the syslog there is always this "sent mail for root@gmail.com" it seems to be when the move at *:18 tries to execute but probably can't because the shares have disappeared. Ideas? syslog3.txt
  9. I took a second look... I figured out why it wasn't working after I re-installed the docker. my /var/cache/zoneminder was mapped to the wrong folder. Still not sure why it broke during the update though. Does the update try to change the /var/cache/zoneminder mapping to a default or something? Mine is mapped to /mnt/cache/.apps/zoneminder/data when I reinstalled it wanted to default map it to /mnt/cache/appdata/zoneminder/data
  10. Just upgraded your docker. Just reinstalled your docker to and it doesn't seem to be working.... events show as "new event" seconds =0 frames are null/null and score is 0/0. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I applied the latest update a few days ago when it popped up... everything "seemed" to go ok. I could see live video again after the upgrade however all events showed up as null length etc. I can't play any of them... I'm just going to reinstall the docker but wondered if I was supposed to upgrade some other way when the updates show up. I thought I read something in this thread about dlandon getting the updates working.
  12. You da man CHBMB! I wasted so much time on this.... it's working now, something so simple. Thanks 1000x
  13. I really need some help, I've gone over the setup video several times, tried building the docker several times, formatted drives etc... My docker mappings do not seem to be taking effect. I have an 120g SSD drive (unassigned device) which I have formatted (XFS) via unassigned devices and mounted as /mnt/disks/myth my docker mappings are: /home/mythtv <-> /mnt/disks/myth /db <-> /mnt/disks/myth/db /var/lib/mythtv <-> /mnt/disks/myth/recordings I connect to the docker using guacamole, I configure it, I map the Default storage directory to /var/lib/mythtv/recordings as in the video, I exit the myth config, I click no, I click no, I shutdown the docker, I start the docker. I check the logs of the mythtv docker but I don't get all the printouts that SB gets in his video. I can connect to the backend with my kodi, I can see live tv... however, it is recording to INSIDE the docker file. I can not get the mappings to take effect. When I open mythweb and check status it shows the disk as about 8gig. Maybe I've been staring at this from the same angle for too long, I need some ideas.... thanks.
  14. Thanks for your answer, DB modification is beyond my level of troubleshooting. I'll mark this thread as solved and hope it helps someone else in the future.