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  1. I didn't have any backups (something I've been meaning to get around to for awhile but haven't), so I tried to solve this problem the way I had solved a similar problem in the past. This involves making a new config. I figured doing data rebuild won't get me back everything, so might as well try it and if it doesn't work I may have lost that data anyways. Here's the post I made in reddit about that. Strangely, this has worked! The two drives now show all data on them, and all of my files have returned. However, this has made me more confused than anything else. Why did this work? And how can I prevent this from happening in the future? When I made that reddit post, I had one hard drive that I had accidentally unplugged, and two more drives that had the same issue of being marked as disabled, and this fix had fixed all of those drives. So this problem has happened twice now. Any idea as to why?
  2. Hmm, so basically since something failed during parity check that is another reason why these drives are not emulated?
  3. Just did this, I got the same output for both drives. Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... bad primary superblock - bad CRC in superblock !!! attempting to find secondary superblock... .found candidate secondary superblock... verified secondary superblock... would write modified primary superblock Primary superblock would have been modified. Cannot proceed further in no_modify mode. Exiting now. I'm not quite sure what this means or what to do with this information.
  4. Would it be a notification or something in the panel on the dashboard? Everything says active except for the drives in question. Here's a screenshot of it.
  5. I've attached it here! I definitely should have gotten back earlier, but I had also accidentally unplugged a hard drive right before that happened so I had assumed that they were related. Unfortunately they do not appear to be... tower-diagnostics-20200106-1909.zip
  6. Recently I had two drives get marked as disabled, but luckily I have two parity drives. Unraid says that both of these drives are emulated, however I am seeing various missing files in my array. Why is this happening and how can I fix this? A parity check was done a week ago, and many of these files would be included in that. I've attached a screenshot of my drive setup in Unraid below. Further, another problem is that these two drives seem to get marked as disabled every few weeks. No idea why, but I will run SMART long tests on them and they will come back as working. From here, it seems the only way to get them up and running again is to wipe the array and create a new one, and then these drives are marked as working. On this, I have two questions. Why are these drives getting marked as disabled in the first place? It seems to exclusively happen during parity checks. Secondly, is there a way of knowing that these drives are actually fine besides SMART tests, or is that the best option? The process of clearing the array and creating a new one works, but I'm very afraid that at some point it will not and wiping the array will clear my parity drives, and therefore I will lose all of my data on these drives.
  7. I'm also having problems with the wireguard plugin. I followed the instructions under quickstart, and forwarded my router on port 51820 and set up my peer as my phone. However, I am unable to connect on my phone to wireguard. Even on the same WiFi as my server, my phone will still not be able to connect to wireguard. It seems unable to make a handshake with the server. Wireguard is on, peer is setup with a QR code and remote to LAN. Has anyone had an issue like this?
  8. This worked! I tried a few options, but found that PCIe ACS override being set to Multi function worked for me. Thanks for the help!
  9. I've attached my diagnostics. Can't roll back, as I've had tons of other problems from 6.7 and 6.8rc1-3, so I'd rather stick with this and just deal with this one issue tower-diagnostics-20191110-2215.zip
  10. Virtualization is turned on in the BIOS, BIOS hasn't been updated awhile on Asus' end (this CPU/MB pairing is 6 or 7 years old). In unraid settings both are shown as enabled.
  11. I've set up a Windows 10 VM and want to pass through either of my two gpus, but get the above error when setting this GPU in the VM settings. I've tried to follow guides with similar problems, such as the one here and here, but I've not been able to solve this problem. I changed my syslinux config as the linked post recommended, but this has not helped. I've read elsewhere that some CPUs/motherboards aren't compatible with passing through GPUs, and I'm worried that this may be the issue for me. Here's some software and hardware stats: Version: Unraid 6.8.0rc5 CPU: AMD FX8350 GPU1: AMD R9 290X GPU2: NVIDIA Quadro P2000 MB: Asus Crosshair V Formula Z RAM: 32gb DDR3 My relevant IOMMUs are In accordance with the above links, I edited my syslog to this to see if my 290X would work (as I've heard AMD is easier to deal with than NVIDIA), but no such luck
  12. I recently downloaded unraid for the first time, and while storage wise it's been great, I've been having lots of problems with docker containers (specifically Plex). I had Plex working with the official Plex container, and it was fine. But I got an update for my container, and when I went to apply the update it got stuck on "removing container" and just removed it without readding it with the update. I then redownloaded the container, and it was running, but going to the direct ip/port of it did not work. I then tried reinstalling Plex again, and that didn't work. I also tried installing the linuxserverio version, and that also did not work. I then tried installing a few other containers just to make sure that the problem wasn't isolated to Plex. I downloaded ombi, nextcloud, and tautulli, none of which were accessible once they were running. This seems to me that there is something either wrong with my unraid setup (the only setting I've changed since I've downloaded it has been the array setup), something wrong with my dockers, or there is something I'm doing wrong. Any ideas what could be going wrong?