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  1. Recently migrated my Plex configs, DBs, and meta data to another dedicated SSD as it was taking up all my cache space. Next came this same warning from FixCommonProblems plugin "...has volumes being passed that are mounted by Unassigned Devices, but they are not mounted with the slave option". Problem is, the path in question is defined by AppData Config Path in the Docker Template ... and there does not appear to be a way to add the RW/Slave option (see screenshot). How can I resolve this?
  2. Here's from a new upgrade to 6.8.0 - not sure if it would keep previous files. It did not seem to re-download anything during the upgrade... vault-diagnostics-20200102-1134.zip
  3. I just reverted to 6.7.2, but here are the diags from the system after the downgrade / reboot. Hopefully this provides some insight. vault-diagnostics-20200102-1648.zip
  4. I just want to know if it is safe to 'restore' back to 6.7.2? 6.8.0 is clearly not ready for my data.
  5. Just upgraded to 6.8.0 a few days ago -- now, this morning, Disk7 (coincidence?) shows up with this exact problem. I did the xfs_repair command and restarted the array. Disk 7 is now 'fixed' -- but Disk 10 now shows as "Unmountable: No File System" ... this is the first problem I've encountered with UNRAID .. and to have 2 drives. within minutes of each other, pop up with this problem only days after an update seems like a bug.
  6. Thank you. Yes - this fixed the issue. I'm curious though - why was it trying to upgrade to a -beta version? Is there a way to restrict to only stable releases?
  7. The latest update of DNSCrypt docker image seems to breaks it - after update it won't start, logs state: Starting dnscrypt /etc/my_init.d/dnscrypt_update_and_config.sh: 42: cd: can't cd to /dnscrypt/linux-x86_64 /etc/my_init.d/dnscrypt_update_and_config.sh: 44: /etc/my_init.d/dnscrypt_update_and_config.sh: ./dnscrypt-proxy: not found *** /etc/my_init.d/dnscrypt_update_and_config.sh failed with status 127 I've tried reinstalling multiple times - no dice. Any advice would be appreciated. This happened when I updated the DNSCrypt docker image to the latest release, using the UNRAID 'right click -> upgrade' in the GUI. I've done this several times before with no issues - nothing else would have changed... not sure why this happened now. Thanks!