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  1. I now get something back - takes about 5-7 seconds - but that is better than it not coming back. Thanks! Is this something that will be fixed at some point? Seem strange that having that check in notifications would affect the WebUI? It does not do that for Doclers? Thanks again!
  2. Anyone get Overseerr working with NPM and Cloudflare? I have Ombi and a few others working fine with NPM and CF but cannot seem to get Overseer to work. I get a 502 error. Setup in NPM seems to be all good. I am sure it is a trvial thing that I did for my other services but cannot figure it out.... They have instructions for SWAG and Nginx- does anything jump out from this link? https://docs.overseerr.dev/extending-overseerr/reverse-proxy-examples EDIT: I fixed it. Typo in Nginx Proxy Manager Setup. Extra "one" in my IP. I knew it was something stoopid. Thanks!
  3. @crazygambit - Thanks! I moved away from SWAG and have been using the Nginx Proxy Manager docker. Just a personal preference. All on hold right now but will circle back to see if I can get Overseer to work as it looks to be more intuitive versus Ombi. But Ombi is up and working.... EDIT: I fixed it. Typo in Nginx Proxy Manager Setup. Extra "one" in my IP. I knew it was something stoopid. Will post if and when I sort out the email bits....Thanks!
  4. Yes - I am having the same issue but trying to get reverse proxy (using Ngninx Reverse Proxy) to work before I tackle the email issue. Anyone have this working with Ngninx Reverse Proxy on CloudFlare? Any tricks? Thanks!
  5. @Djoss - thank you for doing this! 🙂 Good to know as now folks that use this support channel can post when they see a new version. Thanks!!
  6. Others are saying 2FA has not affected anything for the docker (including the developer, DJoss). I do have 2FA but can log in with no issues to the Docker UI. I also updated to 9.6.1 and I think the reboot to the new OS may have triggered this as well? So new OS, new Crashplan, 2FA, etc - could be numerous things? Thanks!
  7. Thanks again for this docker and the work done here. I have receievd a message saying my system has not been backed up for a few days. I have gone into the web ui for crashplan and can see an update is availble but the system is unable to download the update. I have tried several times and waited a few hours but no joy. I have checked and the docker syas it is up to date.... I am not seeing anything useful in the logs? How do I update to the latest version of Crashplan? The one ithe WebUI is telling me to update to? The docker says it is current. I am hoping this will fix the communication and backup issue? THanks!
  8. My WebUI plugin page takes some time to load and sometimes will not load at all. Is this because it is looking for plugin updates or is there another well known cause for this? Thanks!
  9. For upgrades to 6.9.1....if we are running just simple NVIDEA drivers only - do we need to run the docker and rebuild the kernel? That is - each time we upgrade the OS - do we need to run the (very helpful) Nvidea docker tool? Thanks!
  10. It is showing in "All Ignored Errors & Warnings". But clicking on the "Monitor Error / Warning" does not do anything. Hw can I delete it from "All Ignored Errors & Warnings"? Thanks!
  11. Apologies if this is not in the right place - happy to move it. I know many folks use unRAID to store their photos and home videos. I am fianlly getting round to cleaning up family photos from the past 20+ years. 🙂 Any recomendation for a Digital Asset Manager for home photos on unRAID? My priorities are the following: Renaming folders so they make sense and have a time stamp Then renaming the files in each folder to reflect the above Once my folders are in place, I will keep the originals in one place on unRAID and in the unRAID cloud backup Upload the folders in high res to Google Photos so I can use their edit tools to cleanup the photos Download the cleaned up, high rez version and put these in a seperate area on unRAID and my unRAID cloud backup. For the folder and file renaming work - I can also access the folders and files in W10 so open to using a W10 tool to do this bit. I am not a profesional and am not concerned with uploading my photos to Google photos to do the cleanup. Looking for some advice from others who have done this. What worked for you and what would you do different (lessons learned). Thanks!!
  12. Got it....was an old setting in a docker I had forgotten about. Head slap! 😛 This helped:
  13. I cannot seem to get rid of an unused share.... It is empty....I also looked for "dot" files. None there. I am using the GUI - it deletes the share but reappears I have looked across the shares to see if there are bits still around and cannot find anything I have looked in the /boot/config/shares directory and the share config keeps showing up What am I missing? What do I need to do to rid myself of this share. Happy to work from CLI if needed. Thx!