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  1. @ljm42 - many thanks for your help, explanation and pointers to learn more. I really appreciate it....
  2. OK - back in by booting in safe mode turning off the second eth1. Atatched are the two entries for eth0 and eth1. If I wanted to get rid of the original Fix Common Problem error - how would I configure eth1 (along with eth0)? Or just leave it off for now? My system is working again and no errors from FCP Thanks
  3. OK - I had the same error in FCP and was following @Moose808 kind instructions above but made a typo (I think) and now cannot get into the unRAID Web Interface. Is there a way I can get back in perhaps by LAN cable directly into the unRAID box? I cannot ssh in... If not - I gues I can hook a monitor and keyboard up? Is there a way to reset the ethernet devices or edit them from the shell? Thanks! EDIT: Hooked up monitor and keyboard and booted in to safe mode.
  4. Been using this for some time - love it and thanks! Just upgraded to 6.9.0 - very smooth. Was worried but just use the docker and plug in and you will be fine. Question: Is there any testing or anything else we should do for 6.9.0? Again, all looks good. I only use my GPU for FAH, Plex and Unmanic... Thanks again for the work here!!
  5. In Fix Common Problems I am geting "unRaid's built in FTP server is currently disabled, but users are defined". Awhile ago I did have two users - root and zack - but I deleted zack but still seeing this? I did ignore it some time ago and when I click on "monitor / warning error" nothing happens? Is this not being adjusted (and thus stuck) as I ignored it? Or is it also picking up the "root" user? I feel like an idiot asking this. 🙂 Thanks!
  6. Quick one - does the Pulseway Agent for Slackware need to be updated on our system on a regular basis? Or does that happen as part of the service? Thank you!
  7. I had this working but with the docker update, had to blow away both my MariaDB and Photoview dockers and appdata and start again. Anyone else have this? Hoping this was a one off as I am now afraid to invest time using the tool if I have to rescan each update? Getting lots og "face detection" errors in the WEBUI - is there a way to turn that off or clear them all easily? Thanks!
  8. Been using this for some time and once I got over some initial setup issues, has work well for 6-12 months. Now it seems to be broken. In looking through the last several pages, it seems to be broken for other folks as well. I am getting the dreaded "internal error" when I try to setup a proxy host. I have removed the docker and appdata as there seemed to be issues there and felt starting clean would be good. It cleared many of the errors that were there. One of the posts mentions that on port forwarding on your your router that you should now be using 8080 and 4443 (instead of
  9. For folks having issues - I was as well - do read the FAQ carefully. I tend to skim or rush these things and pay the price. I had set this up ages ago and things have changed - at least it looks that way to me anyways. I used the original SPace Inavder video ages ago and then over the years added wireguard, new PIA servers, etc. Per the FAQ, I had to remove the ports from the containers runing into DelugeVPN (new for me) Expose the ports on DelugeVPN (I did have this) Add the "ADDITIONAL_PORTS" variable (new for me) After struggling with it last night and downg
  10. First, thanks for the update - much appreciated! Seccond, the above would be very cool. Appreciate all the work here - Thank you!
  11. All sorted. I had been using the "Guinea Pig" instructions and it mentioned using "test" repo. And it looks like Q21 was added recently (I did look there late last week). All sorted and beer being sent. Thanks for all the good work!
  12. I (believe) I have moved over to the NextGen servers successfuly. I am in the UK so using UK based servers from PIA. Now trying to move to wireguard support but not having any joy. I attach two log files - one with wireguard enabled and one using OpenVPN. There are a few errors in the wireguard one with this one being worrisome? 2020-10-12 11:03:56,914 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [warn] PIA VPN info API currently down, skipping endpoint port forward check The switch should be easy? Just swap to the "test" repository and add in the wireguard variable? Any ideas?
  13. Is there some "standard" steps to debug issues that I am having? My reverse proxies have been working for months using Nginx Proxy Manager and all of a sudden they have stopped working. I am on Cloudflare DNS and Cheapnames for my custom domain name. Nothing showing up in my logs so will pings, traceroutes or some other standard netwrok tools help me figure out where the issues are? EDIT: Everything is now working. No changes on my side. I suspect some kind of DNS issue at Cloudfare? Still would be curious as to good steps to try to narrow down where to debug.
  14. It is working very well with Folding @ Home. Will now confirm all is well with Plex and see if I can use it with unmanic. Great feedback in the log so I felt I knew what was going on at all times. I think it is a cool tool learn to see what goes into building the kernal. Thanks!!