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  1. Welcome to anyone who's ever done an XML modification group lol
  2. I don't have a system crazy like that... yet. I have re-purpose my old gaming rig. Recently purchase a SAS card for more drives, quad NIC for pfsense, and a rosewell server case and its getting to be a quite nice server. Trust me, its worth it.
  3. I have saved applied the settings, reset the server, still having this issue. guiltygear-diagnostics-20200629-0214.zip
  4. Yea you're right. I guess I'll have to look for another way to have a "recently read/access cache" some other way. Either way, I think the mover should be updated with some of the functionalities mentioned above. This would open many doors for UNRAID.
  5. Visiting the CPU Isolation page triggers the warning at the top "CPU Isolation: A reboot is required to apply changes" even though no changes were made. Literally, just click on the settings triggers this warning and only way to get rid of it is to reset.
  6. This! I will probably be buying 2-3 more licenses myself. A discount would be nice, but if not its fine. I L O V E lifetime software purchases.
  7. Took 3 reads but I got it. I like your idea because I could then use this idea to implement something I've been wanting to do as linked above. Question, how is the age restriction suggested specified? Is it age since it was copied to unraid, last moved, or...? I would also like to add the option to "copy/overwrite" (with last modified) instead of move just in case the files being moved need to be duplicated for security purposes. "Pool 1 is raid 0, pool 2 is raid 1 / or disk array". You're correct, this can be rather confusing to some users as you mentioned. Maybe the current normal mover should stay how it is, and this could added as "advance mover settings". PS: We're totally not hijacking your thread Ed 😆
  8. And for a better notifier when the mover is working. also.. cough 😁
  9. Not yet, still have it disabled. I'm waiting for the new version, 6.9, to try again and check.
  10. I was actually about to request the same feature. In my use scenario, my server would have a lot of reads during the day, and maybe a handful of writes (as to when I move files to the server) and most of which aren't big enough to get my small SSD to half use. My cache doesn't see much use outside of that as I'm running the VM's on another SSD (as most people here). I would like to be able to select a folder and its sub-folders to be cached, maybe even the same disks that I've already have cache active on would work. (Allow exclusion folders to be selected? Auto exclude if (folder size greater than X limit OR files/folder + current cached size > limit/available space? IDK). If I play a song from an album located in one of the selected cache folders, I would like that the song and all of the other songs in the folder and sub-folders to be copied to the cache and then played from there. After an specified amount of time, 3? days, if they have not been accessed (file opened) then the cached files should be simply deleted from the SSD. This should just be an update part of mover, the files would still live in the Array. If I add a new file to this folder, it would just work as it does now, except that as I just recently "Accessed" the folder (to add the song), the mover would only copy it to the array at the normal specified time currently in the settings but leave it in the SSD. Another option to add to this would be a space limit to allow for this feature, perhaps a certain %. This would make better use of the cache IMO. Keep the drives from spinning up more and therefore life longer, maybe. A great performance boost to recently accessed files while keeping them safe. Lower I/O access usage. Allow for better and/or un-interrupted use of recent files/projects during a parity-check.
  11. I've wanted to ask if you've done any testing with a 4T or higher SSD, and how did it turned out? Any SSD's you would recommend for Parity? I appear to have a bottleneck on my parity drive and may need to upgrade to a faster drive, but if an SSD would safely work without issues I'll go with that.
  12. Was anyone able to resolve the issue were some games don't run like this?
  13. Has the list of upcoming features and update notes for 6.9 been released? I haven't seen them anywhere.
  14. I think we should have a 'Create Shares Shortcut' button. This should allow me to create a share shortcut without making a new share. I would also like to apply new permissions on this shortcut. Example of share tree below: Media share -> Movies -> Kids movies Lets say; My movies folder has all the movies genre's in it, and I would like to allow a kid's computer to only have view access to the movies in the kids section and nothing else. You could simply create shortcut from 'Media share -> Movies -> Kids movies' to new path 'Kids movies' and give simply keep the permissions from the parent share by default. On the Users tab is here is where you would simply selected the user who will be allowed to read or read/write. To keep the shortcut shares separate and easily visible from the originals, they should be on their own section below with an additional column showing where they point to. SpaceInvader shows how to create one which you can find the link below, but I believe this should just be a nice button in the GUI.
  15. I would like to request the ability to log performance CPU/RAM usage for dockers/VM's/Unraid. This way, we can see how much they use on average and what they use/need when they peak. With this information it would help the user to properly assign cores by workload for optimal performance.