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  1. That makes sense. It's probably a leftover. Glad it's working right now.
  2. Changing the label is fine. I can make that update. But looking at the XML template used by Unraid. It does not have https, it's http. I'm not sure how your situation defaulted to that.
  3. SSL false would mean no HTTPS. Did you have a question about that or the configuration?
  4. I did take some time off. Thanks for understanding. Gaps originally read from folders when it was a command line app over a year ago. Reading from folder is a huge amount of work. If you want to make a PR for that work, I'm happy to review it. Emby/Jellyfin I have looked into but a few other issues have come first. I don't personally run either so they're just lower on my list. Again, if you want to make a PR, I'm more than happy to review.
  5. You can't use HTTPS plex currently. I'm actively working on that now but for today you must enable insecure connections. The wiki has a write up about that here.
  6. @Energen It shouldn't have changed. Are you still having an issue?
  7. @AcerizThank you very much! That's still in progress but it's coming along as I get time.
  8. @tkenn1s Thanks, I'm glad you like it! GitHub Issues is the preferred way to track requests and bugs currently. Feel free to post up information on the bugs. I think some of those issues should be fixed now. But if you find any more, please let me know and add any logs.
  9. Anytime. I'll make sure to post here when I get the upgrades for Plex into Gaps.
  10. Plex's new agent broke Gaps and many, many other services. 1.20.1 will add a fix back in. You can read more about it here. To get Gaps to work, you'll need to revert until I can get the fix in.
  11. @Fiala06 I'm pretty sure I know the issue already. The movie titles are different Plex and Gaps. What media scanner are you using?
  12. Yeah, rescan is required. I wasn't saving that data before so I couldn't populate it automatically. Thanks!
  13. I just pushed an quick update with the movies in the collection and hyperlinks for each. That should help you for now until I get the time to finish up the redesign.
  14. I've never tried Jellyfin. I'd have to look into it, but it would be a bit of a longer term fix for me unless I had help. There's a few other features I want to get in. I'll put it on the list. Feel free to make an issue on my github.
  15. That's on my short list to implement. I had to make some updates to the backend code, now I'm working some frontend changes. It should be fixed soon.