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    Mobo: ASRock Z77 Pro3
    Proc: Intel Core i7-3770
    RAM: 16GB
    GPU: XFX Radeon HD 5850 1GB
    Controller: 3ware 9650SE-24M8
    Storage: 60TB
    Cache: 2x 500GB SSD in RAID0

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  1. Think I figured out a workaround. So I tried running sensors-detect in terminal and the final output listed the name of the drivers associated with each adapter: Now follows a summary of the probes I have just done. Just press ENTER to continue: Driver `coretemp': * Chip `Intel digital thermal sensor' (confidence: 9) Driver `to-be-written': * ISA bus, address 0xca2 Chip `IPMI BMC KCS' (confidence: 8) Driver `jc42': * Bus `SMBus I801 adapter at efa0' Busdriver `i2c_i801', I2C address 0x18 Chip `IDT TSE2004' (confidence: 5) * Bus `SMBus I801 adapter at efa0' Busd
  2. Yes I tried unloading and reloading and even uninstalling the plugin and re-installing, same results every time.
  3. So I don't have the same sensors available...any idea why? E3C246D4U BIOS L2.34 BMC 1.80.00 ME Firmware Version UNRAID 6.9.2 Dynamix System Temp Plugin v2020.06.20 I clicked detect > it sees 'coretemp nct6775' > save > load drivers > and I only see these options:
  4. Awesome plugin! Thanks a lot for making it!! Is it possible to display more than 4 sensors in the footer? I have 9 different sensors that I'd like to include and plenty of real estate in the footer to fit them all.
  5. I am not able to see any of the drives behind my 3ware controller. INFO[0003] Publishing smartctl results for type=metrics INFO[0003] Collecting smartctl results for sdaa type=metrics INFO[0003] Executing command: smartctl -x -j /dev/sdaa type=metrics { "json_format_version": [ 1, 0 ], "smartctl": { "version": [ 7, 1 ], "svn_revision": "5022", "platform_info": "x86_64-linux-4.19.107-Unraid", "build_info": "(local build)", "argv": [ "smartctl", "-x", "-j", "/dev/sdaa" ], "messag
  6. Has anyone with this board/cpu combo tried using all 3 PCIe slots simultaneously including a GPU in the x16 slot and been able to pass it through to a VM while also using the iGPU for Plex transcoding and the IPMI VGA for remote management?
  7. FREE for local pickup in northern Virginia (USA) or cover the cost of shipping (Paypal) - not sure how much that will be but if you want it let me know your location and how quickly you need it and I'll calculate the shipping cost and let you know. I just want to find it a good home with a fellow UNRAID user. This was purchased a long time ago by my father for a PC he was building but it didn't fit his case. So the box was opened but it's never been used. It's really freakin tall though so make sure you measure your case first. https://www.quietpc.com/cnps10x-perfor
  8. That'd be awesome! I'd really appreciate it. Are you able to tell if the x4 slot or sata_0 are deactivated? From you signature it looks like you have a 10GbE NIC, assuming it's in the x16 or x8 slot? If so then maybe you could try putting it in the x4 slot and see if it's recognized?
  9. Clear as mud!! Does anyone monitoring this thread have the same board/cpu and also have an NVMe they can test with? I'd like to confirm it'll work before I order...
  10. I am trying to understand if I will be able to run an NVMe SSD in the M.2 slot + a GTX1050Ti in the PCIe 3.0 x16 slot + a Mellanox 10GB NIC in the PCIe 3.0 x8 slot all at the same time. The E3C246D4U mobo has 3x PCIe slots: PCIe 3.0 x16 Slot 6: Gen3 x16 link, auto switch to x8 link if Slot 4 is occupied plan to use this slot for GPU (Zotac GTX1050Ti) PCIe 3.0 x8 Slot 4: Gen3 x8 link plan to use this slot for Mellanox 10G NIC (MCX311A-XCAT CX311A ConnectX-3) PCIe 3.0 x4 Slot 5: Gen3 x4 link
  11. Anyone have any thoughts? Would really appreciate some assistance with this because it's been plaguing me for years. The root cause of the error has no apparent impact on performance but it is so prevalent in the syslog that it's obfuscating all the important information. If I can get it automatically filtered out of the syslog that would be extremely helpful!!
  12. Does this method of log filtering still work? I am not having any luck filtering out a message after closely following the instructions in this thread and others. message I want to filter out: Jul 19 16:19:32 TowerMediaServ kernel: 3w-9xxx: scsi1: ERROR: (0x03:0x0101): Invalid command opcode:opcode=0x85. I have tried every possible combination of filter syntax that I can think of and applied them to /etc/rsyslog.d/01-blocklist.conf and also in /etc/rsyslog.d/02-blocklist-extra.conf: :msg,contains,"Error: Nothing to do" stop :msg,contains,"user \"logout\" was not found i