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  1. According to MSIs website, BIOS V19 and higher support the Ryzen 9 3900x. I am running the latest V1D. I have not tried another OS but will see what I can do. This PC has no DVD drive so OS from USB only. I'll try Ubuntu Live tonight.
  2. I have just upgraded my unraid server to an AMD Ryzen 9 3900x. The problem I am having is that I power up the PC, unraid starts to load and within seconds I get a black screen and the hardware resets and starts all over again. This is an endless loop. Prior to this I was running an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 on the same motherboard and it was working fine. The motherboard is an MSI B450 Gaming Plus motherboard and has the latest 7B86v1D Bios that supports the 3000 series CPUs If I remove the Ryzen 9 3900x and reinstall the Ryzen 7 2700, unraid boots just fine. Below is a link
  3. I tried running "xfs_fsr -t 18000" without specifying a /dev/md? so that it would start an automatic defrag of all xfs drives for 5 hours. I noticed it started defraging /mnt/disk1 instead of /dev/md1. Is it safe to let it continue on /mnt/disk1 ? I've noticed that if I specify /dev/md1 in the command line, it ignores the -t command (Which is normal apparently)
  4. Thanks for the guide. I have been having a lot of buffering problems with some of my movies of late. So I decided to check fragmentation. OMG. I was told that Linux file systems don't suffer from fragmentation like NTFS. They can't be more wrong. One of my drives is 99.87% fragmentation. That is the worst fragmentation I have ever seen, on any system. This was is a 2TB drive with 350GB free. Can anyone explain why the fragmentation is so bad? 2TB HDD, 350GB Free, 99.86% Fragmentation root@Tower:~# xfs_db -r /dev/md6 xfs_db> frag actual 462546, ideal 636, fragmentation factor
  5. OK. Got mine working fine on unraid. Had to make a few other changes. 1/ Edit file /opt/lampp/lampp Line 197 will read "if testport 80" Change it to what ever port you want. I changed mine to "if testport 888" 2a/ Edit file /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf Line 52 will read "Listen 80" Change it to the same port you used in the lampp file. I changed mine to "Listen 888" 2b/ Same file, go to line 205 Line 205 will read "ServerName localhost" Add the port at the end. I changed mine to "ServerName localhost:888" From here you will be able to start the
  6. UPDATE: V1.6.7-4 - 2013-02-13 - More fixes to the config screen
  7. UPDATE: 2013-02-05 1.6.7-2jr - Added cache_pressure to the config screen
  8. That should be easy, I'll work on it today and post an update
  9. Thanks speeding_ant and BRiT Based on that info, a 64bit only version would be fine. The 32bit version would only be useful for older CPU configs. But I'm guessing more and more people are wanting to install more and more plugins and the older CPU configs are a dying bread. Otherwise there would be no question of even needing a 64bit version as unRAID by itself doesn't come close to hitting the limits of 32bit. Although to be honest, My Work PC is only 32bit Windows 7 Pro (Company requirement/restriction). My development PC for unRAID in running in a VM and is limited to 32bit Guest
  10. Would I be correct in saying that a 64bit version will require 64bit library's. My limited understanding of the Linux kernel is that 32bit apps and librarys will not run on a 64bit kernel. Unlike Windows which can run 32bit apps in the 64bit OS. Is this correct. If it is correct, I will need 32bit for quiet some time to come.
  11. Update: Plugin has been updated to include cache_dirs V1.6.7
  12. I am trying to update some files on the USB boot drive, but every file is coming up as a read-only system file. If I try to delete from midnight commander, it throws up a "Cannot delete file "......." Read-only file system (30). If I try to delete from the windows share, the file disappears, but when I refresh the file reappears. This happens with every file I have tried. I also wanted to replace the bzimage and bzroot files with the RC10 version, but I can't overwrite them because of a Destination Folder Access Denied error in windows. Does anyone have any clues as to what has gone wrong.
  13. Released V0.7 of the plugin. Link is in the first post
  14. Please see the first post for a link to the updated version to fix the problem