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  1. so it was my understanding if I have a 500 watt psu with a 65 watt cpu my draw is still going to be at least 100 watts at idle. are you saying thats not true? I have access to any hardware you can think of from xeon work station to a lot of rackmout servers. Most are dell and hp after market oem stuff.
  2. so Im looking to build a bigger low power nas so Im looking to build a bigger low power nas The nas only gets used for streaming local movies to tablets and to back up some files not much, I use docker for pi-hole all so on it. I work at a non-profit computer refube shop Most of the system that comes in is dell & hp oem 4-5 gen intel and older stuff There are 100s of computer there on average 10-15 pallets worth. right now im useing a lenovo mahobay really just a laptop board with 8 gigs of sodium ddr 3 and a Intel® Core™ i3-3220T Processor (cpu is 35 wats) I have a 500 gig ssd drive in it now. the thing is only 65 watts total its great I can only use one 2.5 drive. I have not really see any thing better for a low power NAS I would like at least 4 sata slots and run some 3.5 HDD I dont mind doing a new build or using some stuff from the place I work at. Thanks