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  1. I just lost my IP port mappings for the plexpass docker. I have tried to restart the docker. I just removed the docker and reinstalled and still don't have the IP port mapping. Got any suggestions?
  2. @trurl No, each parity disk (1 or 2) must be at least as large as any single data disk. As mentioned parity is not a backup so why would you think it needed to be as large as the total capacity? Yes, I understand its not a backup, I just wasn't sure if the Parity group needed to be equal to the total of the data array (and now that I type that out, it doesn't make sense in my head either).... Thanks for link, it clarified/reminded me of how parity works. I've forgotten that over the years... I posted on another post about using rsync to back up data to en external drive for backup in case of loss. I'm currently doing that with a batch file on a windows server. Just running out of space there and evaluating other, growable, options instead of being locked down to a raid 5 array (which is what I have now). @BRiT I'm planning to put an 8tb in as parity so I can slowly swap the 2tb drives in the data array out with 8tb drives.
  3. To kind of add to this conversation, does the parity drive combination need to be equal to the total storage of the array? I’m really familiar with regulars raid configurations and currently run a dell PowerEdge server in my house for use with plex, but am looking to swap over to unraid because of the flexibility of adding drives in the future. For configuration sake, I’m planning for an 8tb parity and 1x4tb, 3x2tb for storage which allows for 10tb (or thereabouts) storage capacity initially. Will the 8tb be sufficient parity? Or should it really be 10tb to equal storage capacity? I will replace 2tb drives with 4 or 8 Tb drives in the future to expand storage capacity.
  4. I have a dell server that I’ve ran plex on for several years. I added an 8tb usb hard drive and run a batch file nightly to do aN incremental backup. Can I do something similar with this rsync? I’ve been in tech for 20 years and Linux is my biggest deficit. Had to maintain 1k’s of windows machine over those years, so I’m very fluent in that environment...
  5. Have been looking for a NAS type storage for home media use. Found this. Was comparing between this and freenas and like this better. Just to be clear from some of the replies above on licensing, if I buy a license, it includes all future upgrades, correct? I’ve ran plex on a dell Poweredge server for years and was amazed at how quick the docker spun up. Have watched several spaceinvaderone YouTube videos pertaining to unraid. Thanks in advance for the help...