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  1. Fellow Forum Members, Krusader installation is kicking my butt. I am following Spaceinvader's Krusader installation video but what makes it difficult is how his version does not match the version I am installing from Binhex. Right now I'm trying to backup my boot drive as Spaceinvader shows in his video. However, when I try to move the FLASH folder from one pane to the other pane belonging to my share folder LEGOS I get a "Could not enter folder /Flash" error shown in the graphic below. I have logged in as ROOT user and I still get this error. I have also included a second sc
  2. Any opinions well be tremendously welcomed.
  3. Thanks for your advice Jonathanm. What you pointed out about recovery tools not working well on encrypted drives is good advice. It is inline with my concern relating to how there may be docker apps, plugin apps or apps installed on my Windows10 client PC that may not play nice with XFS encrypted drives. For example, there is the Windows10 File explorer app which I plan to use a lot to move files around, rename files, create new folders, delete files, in short, do everything with it I need to do to organize the data in my UnRaid Array. My concern is the Windows10 File Explorer a
  4. Greetings Fellow Forum Members, My UnRaid Array has 5 hard drives plus 2 Parity Drives. After the Parity Sync process which took a bunch of hours to complete I formatted all 5 hard drives as XFS without encryption. Is it possible to go back and reformat 3 of the hard drives using XFS encryption and leave the remaining 2 hard drives as XFS without encryption? In short, does UnRaid like it if the array is partially encrypted? The purpose for my partially encrypted array is so I can investigate whether or not the encrypted drives slow down file response times compa
  5. Fellow Forum Members, It took a bunch of hours but my new UnRaid Array completed the Parity sync process successfully. Following that was a hard drive initialization and format process. Now I need some advice. I am thinking it may be wise I XFS encrypt the entire UnRaid Array. Does this mean I have to redo the Parity sync process all over again or only the hard drive initialization and format process? Other encryption related questions I have are as follow: What are the CONS in using XFS encryption? What are the PROS in using XFS encryption? Does XF
  6. Stayupthetree, Thanks for your suggestion. I did not have this Rysnc plugin on my plugin install list. I will look into it and see how this tool can help me with my 10TB migration task. I have been studying a plugin called Krusader. From what I gather it is a file management system that is used to move data around from Share to Share or disk to disk. However, it was not clear to me if Krusader would be able to recognize my old RAID6 system so I could move files from a RAID6 system over to an UnRaid system. But after watching the Youtube video below I have become convinced
  7. Can anyone please suggest the plugins I need to consider installing that will help me in migrating 10TB of data from my old RAID6 system over to my new UnRaid system. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Fellow Forum Members, I am installing the Community Application Plugin but I need some advice on how to proceed afterward. What plugins do I need to install if my goal is to transfer 10TB of data from my old RAID6 system over to my new UnRaid system? My plan is to mate both computers together with a CAT6 cable. But what Plugins are essential tools I am going to need to complete my 10TB data migration task after both PCs are mated together with a CAT6 cable? I would appreciate it a lot if somebody could recommend a short list of the Plugins I should consider instal
  9. Greetings Fellow Forum Members, I am about to install the "Community Applications Plugin". However, it is not clear to me where does the plugin app get installed? Does the plugin app end up installed on the same thumb drive I have my UnRaid OS installed? Or does it end up installed on my 1TB Cache SSD drive? Or does it end up installed on one of the 5 hard drive in my UnRaid Array? In short, I hope somebody can clarify for me what is the install location for "Community Applications Plugin"? Do I have the ability to select where to install it? And if yes, where is th
  10. I have a follow-up question regarding the error I got shown in my top opening post. After 15 hours of waiting my Parity setup process is now complete. However, after looking at the attached JPG file of my UnRAID GUI Dashboard I was left wondering if a PLUGINS folder needs to be showing where I have indicated in the attached JPG with the word "PLUGINS" shown in RED? (Right below the System folder in the SHARES section). The error mentions "failed to open stream local/emhttp/plugins" so this makes me wonder if in the SHARES section of the dashboard there should be a Security Stream
  11. Fellow Forum Members, My new UnRaid Server build includes two Samsung DVD drives. However, I am confused to see the DVD drives do not appear on my UnRaid GUI dashboard. Why doesn't the UnRAID OS dashboard tab show icons for DVD drives? The purpose for the DVD drives is to transfer data from DVD discs straight to my UnRaid Server Cache Drive. So I am confused how I can accomplish such a task if my UnRAID OS is not recognizing my two DVD Drives which by the way are recognized in my SuperMicro motherboard BIOS BOOT section. Does it require I perform some special UnRAID OS configuration ta
  12. Thank you Squid for the advice. Good to know I can ignore this error. It's a big relief for now. Nevertheless, after the parity setup process is done in another 10 hours I am going to see about scheduling a job. My hope is this will make this error no longer appear at the end of my UnRaid OS bootup process.
  13. Greetings Fellow Forum Members, The error shown below appeared at the very end of my new UnRaid OS initial bootup. I installed the UnRaid OS using the UnRaid USB Creator tool and chose the STABLE option to install the UnRaid OS in the form of a download onto my Lexar thumbdrive. What does the error below mean? And is it a serious error I need to address or will it just fix itself? Warning: file_put_contents(/boot/config/plugins/dynamix/monitor.cron): failed to open stream local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/Include/Wrappers/php on line 20 I can confirm that when I click on the P
  14. Fellow Forum Members, I have a 1TB SSD and a 200GB SDD. My plan is to dedicate the 1TB strictly for moving files from DVD discs to my UnRAID array. In other words, as a cache disc. And as for the 200GB SSD I plan to strictly use it for only installing UnRaid plugin apps. Is such a setup a good idea or a bad idea? And more importantly does the latest version of the UnRaid OS support such a setup? Or is the correct approach to follow is to install all the UnRaid plugin apps on the same USB stick the UnRaid OS occupies? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Greetings, Is the APC BR1500MS 1500 VA Pure SineWave 10 Outlets 2 USB Charging Ports Back-UPS Pro Battery Backup device shown in the link below adequate to use with my UnRaid Array build? What I mean by "adequate" is I need a UPS device that will allow my UnRaid system to shut down correctly in the event I lose power in my house. From what I gather this requires my UnRaid system be linked to the UPS via a USB connection and I am wondering if this particular UPS supports such a capability? If no, can anyone please provide any UPS recommendations that best work with the UnRAID OS feature