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  1. Hi @binhex, I'm using this docker, and it's really awesome. I like the way you've made it so that qbittorrent can use the port forwarded by the VPN. I'm trying to figure out how exactly you've accomplished that, because I'm trying to do something similar in one of my VMs, and I'm stumped. I've looked through the repo for this docker, but I can't seem to find where (and how) VPN_INCOMING_PORT is being set. It looks like it might be in /home/nobody/preruncheck.sh, but I can't find the source for that script in the repo. Do you think you could possibly help me figure out how to get t
  2. Sorry if this has already been asked, but I can't seem to find an answer. Is there a version of this plugin for the 6.9 beta? I need the 5.4 kernel for temp monitoring for my 3700x, but I'd also like to use my gtx 970 for folding@home.
  3. Thanks, I haven't quite figured out how to manually add dockers to unraid. Thanks! Maybe the privoxy part was throwing me off, because I haven't come across that yet.. I'll look into it.
  4. I would like to use the new features in 6.8.3 to route network traffic from some of my dockers through an openVPN connection using my PIA VPN, however I can't seem to find an openVPN client docker in the community plugins. Am I just blind and completely missing it? What are other people using to enable this feature? Is there a way to use docker images that aren't from community plugins?
  5. I'm looking for a docker container to connect to my PIA VPN and then route traffic from other docker containers through it using the new functionality in Unraid 6.8.3. Can I do that with this docker? Is there any guide to setting it up? If not, is there a different docker I should be using? Thanks!
  6. Installing the NVIDIA version of unraid dropped the power usage down to 120 watts, so I'm thinking this may be driver related after all. I believe I heard that unraid 6.9 is going to use the linux 5 kernel, right? I think that includes better support for Ryzen 3000, so maybe that will help reduce the power consumption of the server.
  7. So I have two systems: a main rig that runs windows (Parts list here) and a home server (Parts list here). My server has an R7 3700x and a 1650 (non-super, it was a dumb buy), and it idles ~140W measured from the wall. With the GPU removed, it idles at about 100W. I'm not using the GPU for anything currently (I intend to pass it through to a windows VM to use the server during LAN parties) and there are no drivers installed within unraid for it. (Maybe that's the issue?) The main rig has a 2080 ti and an r9 3950x, and yet it idles at ~80W measured from the wall, which is significan
  8. Okay, ignore my previous post, I gave up on 9p. Someone on the ubuntu forums showed me a guide for mounting nfs shares in fstab, and I was able to get that working. I have a new question now. how do I get zfs to auto publish the zfs shares on boot and on array start? My VMs seem to start up before the shares are available, which doesn't make them happy. If I enter "zfs share -a" into the unraid console and restart the VMs they all work fine. I've tried: using the user script addon to run "zfs share -a" on array start, but it either doesn't work, or runs too late