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  1. Yeah - I checked and it all seems OK. I'm also massively out of my depth but REALLY appreciate the help you've given thus far, it's appreciated. It seems there's a bit of a collective *shrug* when it comes to MacOS around the unraid community, so any help is definitely useful. I *think* it might be this line: Spotlight backend = tracker As I've been following the below article since I couldn't get it working, and it's pointing to a spotlight backend using elasticsearch: and This article:
  2. Nice - thanks for this! I tried copying in the entries, but it's still not working (even though Terminal says Indexing is on and doesn't report an error) - Perhaps I'll wait 24 hours and see if spotlight indexes. I am getting some errors in the log though, any idea where to start with this? -- Paste-- Apr 13 11:19:00 CHASM smbd[5906]: [2021/04/13 11:19:00.522119, 0] ../../source3/rpc_server/mdssvc/mdssvc.c:1565(mds_init_ctx) Apr 13 11:19:00 CHASM smbd[5906]: mds_init_ctx: Unknown backend 1 Apr 13 11:19:00 CHASM smbd[5906]: [2021/04/13 1
  3. I'm a definite +1 on this thread, it stopped working quite a while ago, and I've been trying to get to the bottom of it for a long time. Your answer is a glimmer of hope for me, but I don't know where to put that share specific code? There doesn't appear to be anywhere to put it in the share options on my unraid?
  4. Thanks - I'll give the re-writing rules from root to NC domain a go, but is leaving it as is a security risk?
  5. Hi all, Quick (hopefully) question; I've followed SpaceInvaderOne's video about setting up reverse proxy and Nextcloud - using SWAG to make it externally accessible. Everything is working fine - and Nextcloud is the only externally accessible app I've setup. However, when I access my static IP address directly from a browser (not via the Nextcloud.( I get a 'Welcome to your SWAG instance' page. Is this a security issue? Is there any way to direct ALL traffic that hits port 80 or 444 at my address to send it directly to my Nextclo
  6. Yeah - sorry for the lack of info. I was at the end of a marathon session trying to get it all to work! In the end I managed to fix the errors showing in Nextcloud by following Spaceinvaders video on fixing nextcloud issues, as well as another tutorial by linuxserver about adding in a line to trust SWAG as a proxy..
  7. Hi all, I've followed Spaceinvader ones YouTube videos on how to setup Nextcloud and SWAG, and I can access everything remotely without an issue. I get two security warnings in the 'overview' section though: " There are some warnings regarding your setup. The reverse proxy header configuration is incorrect, or you are accessing Nextcloud from a trusted proxy. If not, this is a security issue and can allow an attacker to spoof their IP address as visible to the Nextcloud. Further information can be found in the documentation. The "Strict-Tra
  8. Could someone help me diagnose slow write speeds on my server? I'm getting about 15-20MB/S, and when copying over multiple small files it takes an extremely long time. I've checked the write cache as per post two, and all seem to be enabled with the exception of the boot flash drive. Diagnostics attached! TIA! edit: UPDATE So I did some more testing, and it appears that the slow write speeds (and read speeds) were due to MacOS - I have two Macs as my main production machines, and a windows box as a fail-over. I tested the wind
  9. Hi all, I have a system with only a small cache SSD, which is mainly used for VMs. There is around 50gb free on that SSD, and the array has 90tb with one folder containing a large amount of stock music MP3s that I'm regularly adding to. I'm getting horrifically slow performance adding to this folder, and it essentially locks up the system trying to move the files to it. The main share cannot be cached as I'm adding large raw video files to it, which would fill the cache immediately before the mover can empty the cache SSD, so is there a way to enable cachi
  10. OK - thanks. I think it might have been writing, I guess I'll just cross fingers it wasn't something important! Cheers
  11. Thanks Johnnie.Black - appreciated. As it turns out, the UPS was on its last legs and actually ended up dying yesterday, taking down the server and causing 502 parity errors with it. Eek. Is there any way to find out what files those parity errors have potentially caused corruption to?
  12. Hi all! Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction - I'm getting roughly five of these emails from the server a day, saying communication has been restored with the UPS -> Event: Unraid Server Alert Subject: UPS Alert Description: Communications restored with UPS CHASM Importance: alert It's a Cyberpower Value 2200 UPS. It's connected with the cable the UPS came with, and shows it's stats in Unraid without any issues. Ive also tried multiple USB ports and still get the same issue. Also, does anyone
  13. Thanks everyone - that's an amazingly swift response. Brilliant community here!! I'm in the process of following instructions to replace the USB key with another (better brand) - I'll use a Sandisk one this time. I'll revert and let you know if that fixes it. Cheers!!
  14. Hi Guys and Gals, I've recently purchased the unlimited licence after successfully running the trial for 30 days, without any problems. Unfortunately, in the last couple of hours something has been messing up, and I'm not sure where to start! It first started this morning, when I finally decided everything was running perfectly, so I removed the monitor from the machine and let it sit headless for the first time since commissioning it. About an hour later, I noticed the file transfers had stopped, and when I logged into the webUI, the theme had changed to white,
  15. I love that I’m able to add different sized disks to the array and build the space up over time. Id love to see a native iOS app that supported notifications. cheers!