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  1. Hi, My server is having a few issues and keeps going down. I cannot pinpoint the issue, but I'm overdue to build a new one. I wanted to future proof and settled on the MSI Godlike X570. However, I have concerns about the Killer NICs built in, plus this is likely overkill for an unRaid build. What I wanted to do is: Nvidia card for transcoding.....haven't decided on the model yet but I'm not a heavy gamer although I wouldn't write that possibility off. 128gb g.skill Trident ram. (32gb modules). Ryzen 7 5800x (Since getting a Ryzen 5950x is impossible at a reasonable pr
  2. Hi, Unassigned devices stopped showing up, I only realised when a backup failed because it couldn't find the drive. I rebooted to no avail and then uninstalled the backup and reinstalled. It showed a warning on the re-install although it seems to be working.
  3. Hi, Correting parity check worked first time from the 'Main' page. No errors. Literally, when I ran it through the plugin it aborted 5 times and always at completion. I've uninstalled the plugin for now, not that I have any evidence it was causing the issue. Thanks for your help itimpi.
  4. Okay, I'm running a correcting check now. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Thanks for your input.
  5. Hiya, I haven't cancelled it, I've tried this multiple times. I've uninstalled the plugin and started this manually. I thought maybe it was aborting because it was a non-correcting parity check and was set up to get to the end and abort so nothing got written as it says 0 errors.????
  6. Is this because its a non-correcting parity check?
  7. I had a problem with my watercooling pump which caused the processor to overheat and the server to reboot. So parity didn't complete a couple of times before I noticed it. I've tried to complete parity a few times now but it keeps aborting. When I last looked it was at 98% then told me later it had aborted. Am I looking at the parity log wrong? I've attached my syslog file. It looks like a parity tuning plugin issue, where I'm running it from. syslog.txt
  8. Hi, My unRaid server keeps going down. I need to identify the issue, but I'm really struggling to identify this in the logs. Mainly because the logs are not written to the flash drive. When the server starts up its a fresh log. Is there a way that I can change this or is there a continued log write somewhere that I'm not aware of?
  9. Okay, So for those following after me. I'm not very experienced with docker, but I pulled down the container manually and by doing so changed the environment variables, changing the heap size to 2g. I changed the second set of ES_JAVA_OPTS (in red) from Xms512mb -Xmx512mb to 2g instead. However, I've just noticed that there are two ES_JAVA_OPTS entries, the other one I've marked in yellow. This was a copy and paste from the original container install. No matter what I did I couldn't get the heap size to change from 512mb to any other size by setting ES_JAVA_OPTS as a variable in t
  10. I've been using Elasticsearch 7.9.1. On a docker image reinstall, I'm failing to get this to work again. I've moved to 7.9.3 in case it was a bug fix. I have a heap size issue. The pull down shows completed successfully, see the environment variable: -e 'ES_JAVA_OPTS'='-Xms4g -Xmx4g' which I entered. Later in it shows this as well: -e "ES_JAVA_OPTS"="-Xms512m -Xmx512m" When I do an "echo ES_JAVA_OPTS" inside the container, it shows that only 512m memory is being used. It appears as if the 512m is taking precedent. I've also set the minimum and maximum h
  11. I added OnlyOffice Community server to my unRaid. Afterwards, I couldn't stop / start /restart, etc. This was the same for all applications under Docker when trying each one individually. If I clicked any function like start or stop it the mini menu would freeze and nothing would happen. Squid recommended removing Docker Folder, when I went to remove it I noticed a new update pushed out today. Instead of removing I updated it to v2020.05.06. This fixed it. This was the original submission:
  12. Hi, Thanks for replying. I did look at the diagnostics and the logs before posting, but I must be missing something. Attached are the logs, I tried to restart Sonarr and Start ubooquity as an example. Appreciate your time.
  13. Hi, My system has been fine up until today. I installed the OnlyOffice Community Server. It started after install and seemed to have a persistent error due to a mysql request repeating itself. I couldn't stop it or remove it. I then noticed this with all of the other apps. I can stop / start all apps but not individually. I've removed the docker image from Setup / Docker and reinstalled the apps. I've even tried to restore the app folder in desperation to see if this will work, but no difference. I'm moving the appdata folder off the cache drive (once again in desperation). The menu
  14. My unRaid uses an old i7 920 processor. Its running well, but I wanted to enable hardware transcoding for Jellyfin. Turns out the i7 has no capabilities for this as I understand it. Is there anything I can do with a Radeon HD5850 graphics card to enable this? Its sitting in the server not doing very much. It looks like unRaid doesn't recognise them either 🤔 I've rummaged through the internet on this, and cannot find anything that supports this.