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  1. I see, or rather I didnt (my mobile phone isnt ideal for looking at this).
  2. Post your groupings and your XML from your VM. Im guessing your only passing through BT on its own. You need to pass the whole controller, or try to ACS override! Which has already been mentioned. Reset your XML to default by changing a setting in gui of VM config. Change it back to base settings and then post your XML. You also have a conflict. It can't be Bus 0. 1022:1485 and 1022:149c devices I've bracketed in the image need to be passed through. I'm guessing when you select one of them to pass through it automatically selects all 3. You will need to reboot to take effect. In the image they're not ticked. After doing this, post your Sys Info page and VM XML.
  3. @Vr2Io This didn't work, however I'm guessing I need to server restart for this to take effect. I'm also in the middle of a parity check. I'll have to try again tomorrow after the parity ends. Thanks for responding, it looks like there are a few people raising this issue.
  4. Sorry, This is probably what you needed more. I will be taking my laptop so I ccan probably give you more information whilst I'm away.
  5. @whitephoenix117 Hi, I'm pressed for time, before I finally go away on holiday. Hopefully, the below helps. Here is my system info in full and a screenshot of the relevant, below it. One thing I do remember doing, is installing bluetooth using the drivers provided by Gigabyte, rather than allowing Windows to update automatically. XML config from my VM:
  6. Hi, Could somebody answer this topic, it was asked twice on page 41, I think the query got lost in the rest of the discussion. I have exactly the same issue, leaving me nervous. I've started a rebuild of my disk 4, as I cannot export. I have a feeling that's not the right thing to do though?? Can somebody please elaborate on Sven's below issue, which is identical to mine? I have gathered that this has to do with the memory limit of php which is set at 128MB. When I go to the export directory, I see that a 168MB file has been created called disk1.export.blake3.hash. When I open the file it contains the hashes for all files from disk 1. Since the export file seems to be fine, is this just an error in the progress display? There were 862892 files in the export. 6TB drive, many large (500MB+) files, but also a lot of smaller files.
  7. Here are my settings in Gui format. Did you select Slot 6 or was that an automatic assignment? You don't have to use the assigned slot, you can change it, provided there is no conflict. I agree with starting again. Have a re-read of my original post. Its important to look for the hidden devices and resolve those first. From memory and apologies, because I forgot which devices, I had to move my graphics card auto assigned slot to a different one, which meant I had to move other devices onto new slots, like slot 9, etc. (my memory is a bit fuzzy on this point), I don't think it was in my original post as I didn't think it would be a commonality. Apologies for the delay in respoinding, I've had a helluva couple of weeks. Try posting pics of the steps in Windows device manager, like the bang warnings, etc. When you look for system drivers, use the root of the virtIO driver ISO. ie. E:\ There was one that was ambiguous that needed resolving first, which was VirtIO Serial driver. When you go to View / Show Hidden devices, it should all be clear. I suggest looking through the hierarchial tree as a category, etc. That's where I found the issue with a conflict with my card's audio assignment. I had to give my card a lower slot assignment and then move the other devices to a different slot. You can see I'm using SeaBios, it works fine (unless you want to access the virtual bios, then forget it). Don't run the nVidia package installer, download the driver and unpack it. The biggest hiccup I had, was when Windows would find the driver off the internet and auto install or if I used the nVidia Experience app to install. If Windows found it on the internet and installed, the screen would go black and I couldn't see the bang error message. Unpack the drivers and point device manager to the folder's root.
  8. On a side note, I find the graphics card onboard audio a pain and simply not as clear. I opted for a Sound Blaster GC7 which is working flawlessly as I go from one vm to the next. It doesn't cost as much as the headache and time spent resolving. The Geforce onboard audio keeps overriding my audio settings occasionally as priority, no matter if I remove the driver, etc and I never found it as clear as the Sound Blaster. Your life will be easier if you plug in one of these devices and remove the audio from the XML profile (unless of course, you can't pass through the GPU at all??) I couldn't pass the motherboard's optical out on my Aorus Extreme X570, some on this forum have managed to recompile the kernal, you will find threads I've made on that particular subject. I'm guessing you've made a mistake in your XML, which is easier enough to do.
  9. I have a Gigabyte Extreme X570 and I've passed through both wifi and bluetooth. Can you post your groupings?
  10. I think the biggest question is, why didn't I get this spam? 😄 Its a pain keeping spam out of a forum.
  11. Hi, I've pre-cleared a new disk, which is a higher capacity than the one I want to remove. I want to remove a 6tb and replace with a 16tb. Currently, the 6tb only has 2tb of data on it, but I want to use it for a different project. I've replaced a parity drive before, however with this disk containing info, I want to ensure this is done correctly. What's important, is that I don't have a space issue to move the 2tb of data to the other drives. I know the process is to stop the array, remove the drive from the array. Add the new drive and then rebuild. Would it be wise to checksum the existing files on the 6tb to the files on the newly built disk afterwards? I would have thought it wouldn't be, as the rebuild would be doing this as part of the rebuild?
  12. I'm on Version 6.10.3 2022-06-14. My start up syslinux.cfg: I don't have the recommended settings, although what brought me here was the same error message as the OP. Eventually, what worked was this: Its not clear if the recommended settings should be added to my boot profile? I'm using a 5950x processor.
  13. Done. I'm nowhere near the limit, either. However, unRaid helps run the house nowadays and its a nice feeling its a complete package. I will probably buy a second license down the road as well, for a backup server. Thanks guys.
  14. I've managed to resolve this in the end. Its a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. I deleted the Discord server and created a new one. I also deleted the app and reinstalled. The settings remained the same. Thanks for your help though. I'll follow this thread in case anybody else has problems, happy to post my settings.