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  1. Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/u/randomninjaatk Github: https://github.com/randomninjaatk?tab=repositories&q=docker- Discord: https://discord.gg/JumQXDc Donations: https://github.com/sponsors/randomninjaatk For questions and support, I recommend that you use the appropriate github repo to post issues for tracking reasons or join the discussions on Discord.
  2. New update should be out that will allow you to set which list types to process. Effectively enabling that feature. Also curious, what format are you looking to convert too? The original script used to have conversion features built in, not sure if I'm going to re-add it.
  3. You likely have to set the network of the container to use proxy. Everything is completed in the container itself. It only makes API calls to Lidarr, so it would not use lidarr's connection in any way. It currently doesn't do upgrades. That could be something I add, right now it only processes missing list, not cutoff.
  4. For everyone on this thread, You can migrate directly to linuxserver.io Lidarr container using the preview tag. Simply change the repo to the new location you'll convert to the new image. Pic: However, I would recommend that you do the following instead: Set up a fresh container and point the config directory to your existing lidarr-lad appdata folder, and map the same volumes as the original container.
  5. 1. The entire config is included in the docker configuration options. So no, you don't manually change anything in any config file. Just install from the community store and configure. The script is run via cron if you enable autoruns. 2. It's optional 3. Your assumption is correct, you can strictly use the built in client 4. You don't need to set this, docker is pre-configured Hope that answers your questions
  6. @RinkyDinkBear I've built a new container just for music videos only... url: https://hub.docker.com/r/randomninjaatk/amvd Once I've figured out a icon for it, I'll publish it on the community store. I'm working on separating some of my script functions fro this into separate containers to make it more manageable. My original script is quite complex for me, and makes it difficult for me to manage with so much crammed into one script.
  7. It uses third party software to perform downloads automatically, so not torrent or usenet. I believe right now there is a config option to limit it to only matched musicbrainz releases (LAD: Music Videos Require Match). However, that only limits it to matches for all of musicbrainz releases for an artist. There is no capability to limit it to only what is in your digital library...
  8. @cleight Sorry for not seeing this, all that should be needed is ffmpeg in the line for it, with no path. Are you still having an issue with this? I can look at resolving it over the weekend.
  9. +1 I want docker-compose to automate setting up a new system... I just started messing with it, and it would be way easier to have a yaml file with all the configurations to completely setup a new machine automatically....
  10. So this was discussed and resolved via discord. All containers are working as expected, some of it was just miss configuration issues and using outdated scripts...
  11. So a big change, mostly to make my life easier. Is all the settings are now in a config file in: /config/sma (sonarr-sma/radarr-sma) containers, or /config/scripts/configs for sabnzbd-extended container. It removes some of the ease of use that was previously setup. however its a lot to maintain when the script can change at anytime, requiring lots of re-tweaking. This should hopefully mean updates can be seamless and I don't have to actively maintain it.
  12. @Sandspike I don't know if you have tried my latest updates to these containers. But I decided to give downloading subs a try in my Sonarr-SMA container, and it did successfully download them. So it should be working in all containers.... If you want to chat more about this, feel free to PM me and we can possibly chat on Discord...
  13. So everything were discussing in here, only applies to the SAB container. (However, SMA is installed using the exact same method for all the containers I have, so that does apply to both...) The radarr/sonarr-sma containers that I put out, don't do this. They strictly use SMA if you enable it as a sonarr/radarr post processing script. Whereas this SAB container runs up to 4 functions for video files: Deobfuscate SAB Script Video File audio/subtitle language check MKV Cleaner (If enabled) SMA (MP4 automator, if enabled) I could look into adding an option to skip the language checks, I'd personally never use it because I like to have standards, and if a release doesn't meet those requirements then I don't trust it and I'm okay with just grabbing an alternative release until one passes...