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  1. Sounds great, the main reason I wanted to try sunshine is because I seem to have odd graphical artificating/glitches. The artificating also shows using the web interface, so not sure if sunshine would really solve it... Was hoping to see if I would have different results. When I briefly tested with an Nvidia GPU, had a loaner, it did not experience the same artificating... Thanks for spending your time on this, it is a really cool project! Edit: Here is a pic of the artifacts that I'm seeing. Can be seen in game sometimes, and a lot more easily in the steam big picture mode: This happens with software or hw encoding. Interestingly enough, for testing purposes, I moved the GPU (AMD RX 6700 XT - Reference) to my newer system so I could test further, and it has the same issue as the previous system (Old System i5 8th Gen, new: i5 12th gen). Also while getting this setup it tried to use the onboard iGPU and that did not experience the graphical artifacts, only when using the AMD card... I'm going to try to build a VM with GPU pass-through to see if its less of an issue there....
  2. @Josh.5 So testing the latest update with Sunshine, but cannot seem to get it to work using a AMD gpu. Basically the connection gets terminated instantly. I was able to add the host to moonlight client via PIN, using the sunshine web interface, but after attempting to connect, it terminates instantly. If I had to guess, its because its lacking components to support AMD/Intel GPU or Software encoding. I tried setting it to all methods that I have available, including software encoding, but that did not work, same result. Probably need to add ffmpeg to the image, would be nice to be able to use intel igpu for vaapi hw accelerated encoding in sunshine, could also be used for steam's built in remote play functionality.
  3. So ran across a project that enables moonlight streaming and it could be a good alternative to steam remote play. Project: Sunshine URL: https://sunshinestream.github.io/ Any chance this could get incorporated? It is supposed to have better quality video and possibly lower latency. I've tested it some and it works great on other systems. Would be nice to have this packaged into this container as an alternative to steam's remote play option. Edit: Updated to the correct URL Follow up edit, stumbled across another project that is similar to this, thought it was interesting, also appears to utilize sunshine: https://games-on-whales.github.io/gow/
  4. Does anyone else get artifact info when remote playing via steam link app? See the attached pictures. This happens regardless of the encoding method. In my case I have Intel i5 8700k for hw acceleration, or AMD RX6700 XT. If anyone has any tips on what is causing and how I could fix it, I’d appreciate it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. The dockers are updated when the base images are updated. I'm fairly certain you would need to use the "Auto Update Applications" plugin to get notifications of updates.
  6. Funny enough, sonarr-sma already exists... However, it appears there was a bug in my template... So I fixed it. hopefully it'll show up soon on the unraid community application store/catalog
  7. After a fresh install. Removed plugin, removed container. Full reboot, reinstall plugin, reboot, reinstall container. It appears to be working with my limited testing. (test from phone using touch controller, and pc using steam streaming) I believe my issue was the template I had was missing a few parameters, after reviewing the advanced settings. Notably the "-v '/dev/input':'/dev/input':'ro'" which makes way more sense now to why it was not working. The only thing I'm noticing is that I get latency spikes every now and then. I need more time to mess around with it more. Also it seems to be limited to outputting 1080P at most. I believe I have a 4k Dongle attached to the gpu via hdmi, but maybe its using the iGPU monitor to detect resolutions? The iGPU has a monitor connected that is limited to 1080P. But unraid is not booted into GUI mode, just regular terminal mode.
  8. I’ll try removing the plugin, container, reboot and then install them both fresh. Is there a preferred order of operations?
  9. Do I have to do something to make sure the user can read/write to that location? I only ever installed the plugin and configured the container for host mode as instructed. Also for reference, I’m running 6.10.0-rc2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Tried a reboot and using either a DS4 or Xbox Series S/X controller connected via BT on the apple tv. Everything works in Big Picture using Steam Link app, but as soon as a game loads, it no longer works. I can turn on mouse mode via steam menu options and that will still work in-game. But unless it's a point and click kind of game, its kinda useless.
  11. Interesting that you say it works with a DS4 controller. I have 1 DS4 and a few 8bitdo Pro 2 controllers. So I can also give those a try when I have a chance later. My default go to is to use the Xbox Series S/X controller though. I prefer the joystick layout and it's a quality controller. I'll report back after I've given it a test.
  12. It's connected to the Apple TV 4k via bluetooth and the Apple TV is remotely connecting via the steam link app (streaming).
  13. Is there a trick to get controllers working? I have the uinput plugin installed, container running in host mode. Controller seems to work in Big Picture and shows up as an xbox controller in settings, but once starting a game, it doesn't work anymore.
  14. Your link worked! Thanks. Hopefully this will let me get my 12th gen system working...
  15. Thanks for the url, but it doesn't seem to work... it returns this: AccessDeniedunraid-dltx000000000000014e99146-0061f75470-1fedacb1-sfo2a1fedacb1-sfo2a-sfo