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  1. Second this! Could you share the fanwall and spacer brackets? Really clean job!
  2. Good point -- If i specify a location, yes it seems to go to the specified location. Ideally, I'd like the unpacked data to reside in the torrent's folder.
  3. DelugeVPN has been amazing so far. Scratching my head on this one. I have tried both the native Extractor and the SimpleExtractor-1.3 plugins with the intent of having torrents needing automatic extraction (rar, zip etc) to unpack into the torrent's download folder. However I'm finding that the extracted file not matter what I do ends up in the /config directory </mnt/user/appdata/binhex-delugevpn> For the Extractor Plugin Configuration: I have left it blank as per the instructions. This is supposed to unpack to the torrent's own directory. For the SimpleExtractor
  4. So strange finding: Both my adapters are using the igb driver. Switching which MAC was assigned to ETH0/ETH1 in the network-rules.config allowed me to boot into the system. However, after rebooting again, got stuck at the same modprobe -r $DRIVERS step.
  5. Running into the same issue here. Brand new install (6.8.1) on a SuperMicro X10DRL-i which has 2x Intel i210 Gigabit Adapters and a Realtek RTL8211E (Dedicated for IPMI). Tried also booting Safe Mode without any success. Worked fine on first boot-up and configuration. First time I rebooted the system, I got stuck at modprobe -r $DRIVERS. Let me know if theres anything I can do to help.
  6. Really appreciate the hard work on this plugin. I ran into an issue on two drives I was clearing. They both got hung up at "Zeroing 99%", been sitting there for a few hours now. I had 2 additional drives complete without issue all started around at the same time. The last log entries I see from those two drives is below. Running Unraid 6.8.1 and Preclear Plugin 2020.01.17b Jan 22 13:00:34 preclear_disk_R6G9R8HY_32737: Zeroing: dd output: 8000423067648 bytes (8.0 TB, 7.3 TiB) copied, 48210.5 s, 166 MB/s Jan 22 13:00:34 preclear_disk_R6G9R8HY_32737: dd pro