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  1. Ok I have done the following (But I still cannot find it): I have put these repositories in the docker setting: https://github.com/limetech/docker-templates https://hub.docker.com/ https://hub.docker.com/r/universalmediaserver/ums I went to the Community Applications and searched for universalmediaserver It did not find anything and it did not show a whale that I could click on. Thanks
  2. I solved this with installing DiskInternals with admin credentials. Now I can see the files.
  3. running this script does let all of the drives show in the new version of Unraid
  4. Hi have also just upgraded to the latest and greatest version "Unraid 2015-11-17 unRAIDServer-6.1.4-x86_64.zip ". The tower server in tools system devices sees the card as "03:00.0 RAID bus controller: HighPoint Technologies, Inc. RocketRAID 640 4 Port SATA-III Controller (rev 01) 04:00.0 RAID bus controller: HighPoint Technologies, Inc. RocketRAID 640 4 Port SATA-III Controller (rev 01)". But no drives show up. I am trying to figure out the scrypt again so I can try this next.
  5. Is anyone from UNraid going? or anyone from the forums going? I am going to try and go but it depends on my work. here is the link and some information. LinuxFest Northwest is April 28th and 29th in Bellingham, Washington and is one of the longest-running grass roots Linux fests. LFNW is free of charge and attracts presenters from around the world. http://linuxfestnorthwest.org/
  6. Thanks for the quick response. I really do like the rocketraid 640, but it is not on the list(Plus i already have this card). I know that i do not have much experience with Linux, but I would be willing to help the UNraid community get this controller supported from UNraid. I will start searching for how to add the drivers and then recompile the OS. So it will be learning time for me. Does anyone have any good links that might help me in my mission to get the RocketRaid 640 added to linux and recompile the OS. Thanks
  7. I have now come to the conclusion that i need to build my first unraid server. So I have the following hardware(I will be more specific tomorrow when i get back to town.) Asus P5WD2-E premium 2 gb ram onboard Marverl SATA controller radeon 1950 pro Rocketraid 640 4port that is capable of running 20 drives using port multiplier 2 3TB seagate drives 1 40gb test cache drive ( have a 1TB 7200rpm cache drive ordered) Issue: UNRAID does not see the Rocketraid controller Possible fix: Loading the linux driver. I have the Linux driver disk that came with the RocketRaid 640,