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  1. Great image, really easy to set up! Has anyone managed to get QuickSync pass through working? I have passed the device down to the container but it still dosent seem to work.
  2. I would have thought it would be quicker to resolve locally than using a loopback? I also like the idea that the DNS request isn't leaving my network for a local machine. In the template there are options to change the ports which don't appear to work, was this functionality present previously? Thanks!
  3. I would also like to request the ability to change the ports to 80 and 443 to allow for proper forwarding rather than using NAT loopback.
  4. I have a Windows VM that has an Nvidia GPU and a SSD passed through via two IOMMUI groups. I have recently enabled my onboard LAN to add a new subnet to my network for virtual machines however this onboard NIC shares the same IOMMUI group as my SDD. I have heard of PCIe ACS override but it sounds unstable and I dont want to split my GPU group. What is the proper way of dealing with this? Thanks!
  5. Hey did you manage to get this working? I'm having the exact same issue where s static IP in the Unraid settings dosent work when enabling DHCP in Pi-Hole. Even scanning the network the Unraid server dosent show up at all. EDIT: Turns out the router had alredy assigned the IP I had used for Unraid. I set a DHCP static lease to match the static settings I added.
  6. I'm experiencing regular freezes on my WIndows VMs, it's intermittent and sometimes I can use the VM for a few hours before it happens and sometimes it happens as soon as the VM boots. The allocated CPU cores hit 100% when this happens and everything freezes, including video output. How long it freezes for appears to be random but it can be from 10 mins to a few hours. Have been running this VM starting with beta 25. Only seems to be happening since beta 30 but I downgraded to beta 29 and the same still happens. I even setup a new VM (using the same SSD) and removing an
  7. If you have a spare PCI-E slot you could opt for a super cheap GPU to get things running locally. It's not ideal by any means but it could get your setup working in the short term.
  8. That's strange that you have no options in that menu, check the other tabs to see if you have a global CSM switch. You could also try using the latest Unraid Beta. I can boot using v6.9 Beta 25 with CSM disabled.
  9. I managed to get CSM working on my motherboard which has allowed me to access the Unraid GUI. I had to enable CSM but disable all of the options within it. I set the following options to Disabled / Do not run: Launch PXE OpROM Policy Launch Storage OpROM Policy Other PCI Device ROM Priority I also turned off the boot image so it displays the POST, not sure if that helped. It's worth noting that video only worked on the GPU, in the 1.40 motherboard firmware you cannot enable CSM if your running only on integrated graphics. Edit: Can confirm
  10. Thanks for the tip, I didn't realise the USB creator could grab the beta version. My only question is how do I keep my current configuration?
  11. No unfortunately not, I'm using the latest stable version. I know the latest beta does actually include support for the RTL8125BG NIC but I have no way of updating as I can't access the web UI.
  12. I'm migrating to a new build and I'm having problems booting into GUI mode. My specs are: ASRock B460M Steel Legend Intel i5 10500 Nvidia Geforce 1050 Ti LAN 2.5G Dragon RTL8125BG I see the boot selection menu and the commands that run whilst Unraid starts but I get a flashing caret at the point when the GUI should show up. I need the GUI because my NIC isn't supported in Unraid yet so I cannot access the web interface. After looking at this thread it appears that I need to enable CSM on my motherboard. I'm having problems with thi