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  1. Thanks for the reply I'm looking for it to be used with an DIY external DAS. Not quite sure what you mean here.
  2. Spied this on ebay Has anyone had experience with this model?
  3. Is it normal for any of the variables set in the UI to reset when the docker restarts?
  4. The media is stored on my NAS however I did find it was better to copy the item to the OBS VM first. The Owncast end user has a delay of about 8 seconds, owncast is set at medium for the latency buffer. I've had up to 8 users so far in various parts of the world, playback has always been smooth with no issues.
  5. Ah right I see. Yeah you connect to Owncast from OBS via the unRaid IP. You may have to adjust the hardware resources or the stream settings in Owncast itself if you're experiencing buffering the Owncast stream page. My Owncast is set for 3000Kbps but you'll have to tailor yours for your hardware/bandwidth. There's also a buffer/delay setting to be mindful of, too low and your end users might have issues. With regard to OBS. I have the stream set to use the x264 CPU encoder, CBR, 3000Kbps, fast CPU usage. I tried NVENC but the result was a pixelated stream on the Ownca
  6. I think you're getting confused here mate. You use RTMP to stream from OBS to Owncast. This is normally done on your internal network i.e. rmtp://YourUnraidIP:1935/live. Port 1935 is what you stream to from OBS. It's not the port users should connect too, which by default is 8080 Then to access the Owncast page via https use (for example) No port is required as it's https. Your gateway should be pointing the domain to the internal address i.e. http://YourUnraidIP:8080
  7. You stream from OBS to Owncast via RTMP on the internal address Users access Owncast via the http/https address Could this be the confusion?
  8. Like you I use Cloudflare although I use SWAG as the gateway. Works perfectly for me. Owncast should be used via http or https. My runs via https on my domain name and http internally. Why would you want to use RTMP just out of interest?
  9. To add to this discussion. I'm using Brave Browser and noticed recently that it won't load any Guca based dockers. I need to use FF for that even though there's nothing wrong with the docker
  10. Neither can I! That's what took me so long to find out why it was crashing. Very strange. Thinking back though, at one point I had an issue where I selected "animate on hover" which caused the folder to disappear and the UI to become unresponsive. Eventually I managed to delete the folder and recreate it. Maybe this happened twice. I wonder if it's linked.
  11. I installed the plugin a few weeks back and had issues with the machine becoming completely unresponsive via both Web and SSH that included all the running dockers. This happened almost every day until I uninstalled it a few days back. I assumed it was other dockers that I had installed since then. I don't have any proof of this though as there was never anything in the logs at all. I had discounted the possibility of the crashes were due to this, but everything is back to normal once uninstalled. I'll give it another go in a few weeks again as it's a very good addition
  12. Has there been any reports of system instability using this plug-in?
  13. Do you need help with the reverse proxy config?
  14. I'm using a reverse proxy via SWAG for external access.