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  1. They are located in /boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/ (user scripts plugin)
  2. I have an error stating my pre and post scripts are not executable even though they are. Chmod them again, still same error.
  3. Okay great cheers. I now have this error though.
  4. The root of the usb drive?
  5. Where is the .conf located? I can't seem to find it?
  6. Seems like it was down to the dockers being set to use IPVLAN, switching to MACVLAN cured the issues. I've also just discovered Giganet uses CGNAT rendering it useless for my needs due to unable route traffic to my server. I'll contact them tomorrow to see if they can provide a status otherwise it's cancellation time.
  7. What version of Unraid are you guys running?
  8. Will do mate. I'm away for a week. I'll be right on it when I get back. I'll be ditching the connection if unraid won't play nice. No use to me if the sodding server won't work
  9. Yeah this is FTTH too. They did provide an Eero router which I haven't tried Unraid on as yet. There's a few things left to try out. Eeros way to basic for my needs It's really weird how every other device has no issues whatsoever apart from Unraid. Even if it was an MTU issue, why only unraid?
  10. Who's your ISP? I'm using Giganet on Cityfibre.
  11. Did you find a solution to this? I had fibre installed the other week using a PPPOE connection. Exact same issues as you yet all other network devices have no issues at all. I'm using OPNsense and tried both physical and virtual machines. It just doesn't like this PPPOE WAN connection!
  12. I replaced all of mine with Seagate 18Tb drives. All the Reds became backup drives. I never solved the issue, drives just kep throughing up errors ermvery so often.
  13. The issue has not returned since the RC4 upgrade even with PiHole and other known offending containers re-enabled. This is excellent!
  14. Upgraded to RC3 a few weeks back, still the same crashing however as soon as RC4 came out I tried that. It's been up for almost 9 days with no issues so far. This is a record for me, tomorrow i'll turn on piHole again as that's a sure way of causing the previous crashes. Fingers crossed!