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  1. you can in theory, you can't on practice. It was tested already and even though its possible to hack programming tool for to not complain about BIOS version's mismatch, GPU itself doesn't accept new regular BIOS. the only way (and this time its hypothetical ) is to flash regular BIOS on programator
  2. Thank you trurl, In this case probably there is nothing to worry about.
  3. Thanks for advise Jorge, however when you say "new config" can you clarify what exactly is going to be new with new config? E.g. all Unraid OS will look like after "Factory Reset" or just new array will be created but all shares, Dockers, VMs etc. will remain untouched or even some 3rd scenario? I probably can download trial unraid and play myself, but if some one can advise from practice it might save some time.
  4. Hi All, I do apologies if this topic been discussed already, but quick search didn't give me a clear answer on the question. My request sounds very simple and straightforward but want to protect myself from doing something stupid which can ruin everything or significant part... I do have unRaid 6.8.3 with 6 SAS drives connected to Dell perc h310 in HBA (IT) mode. I want (need?) just replace HBA card to HP Smart Array P420i which is also in HBA (IT) mode. My problem is: when I did test run, I've figured out that all HDD's IDs got changed with new HB
  5. @billington.mark Hi Mark, may I ask what you upgraded to? Just curious what is the next step Regards, Sergiy
  6. I did try to install glusterfs manually (taking to the account unRAID is based on Slackware) but didn't get any success unfortunately