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  1. Also having this issue as well after upgrading to 6.10.0-rc2 last night. I upgraded from 6.9 and had Bluetooth passthru working via USB device: Intel Corp. (8087:0029), similar to what I see in TCMapes' XML.
  2. So I went and checked 20 minutes later and it worked. Fix Common Problems was showing this error: I had a suspicion my network config was bad so I deleted network.cfg and voila, I was able to access the web GUI immediately after boot.
  3. I recently started using my Unraid server as my daily driver and gaming PC after successfully setting up a Windows VM with GPU passthrough. Wanting more horsepower, I just installed upgraded my CPU and Motherboard (Ryzen 5900x and Asus ROG Strix x570-e). After booting, I see the Lime Technology menu with the various boot options. If I let the automatic boot counter run down, I see loading bzrootimgage...ok and bzroot...ok and the screen just stays the same (this happened prior to my hardware upgrade). If I select unRAID OS GUI Mode, I see the lines of code but once complete, all of the code disappears and I get a black screen with a flashing underscore. If I hit the power button on my case, I see the shutcode code and it does a clean power down. In all scenarios, I cannot connect with the Web UI. I checked my router and I see my server connected (different IP from before the hardware upgrades) - I just can't access it. Please let me know if there are any other details I can provide.
  4. New to using a VPN but I've used SAB for years. Full disclosure: I moved recently and I'm under a strong suspicion my ISP throttles usenet downloads and I was trying to use a VPN to avoid this. I'm on a gigabit connection and I can't even come close to hitting those speeds (when I used to max out my connection prior to moving on a 600Mbps connection) So update: I can access the web UI now. I didn't change anything, it just somehow worked. I completed the rest of the steps in DoItMyselfToo's post modifying wg0.conf and I'm getting super slow speeds. They'll start at 35Mb/s and drop down to between 10-18Mb/s. I'm on a gigabit connection as I mentioned above. Any recommendations on how to improve this?
  5. Unfortunately I took those steps and I'm still seeing an empty folder and I can confirm that the privileged toggle is on. I checked the log again and I see this error constantly repeating now: 2020-12-06 22:00:20,262 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [warn] Unable to successfully download PIA json to generate token from URL '' [info] Retrying in 10 secs... 2020-12-06 22:00:30,292 DEBG 'start-script' stderr output: parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 4, column 0
  6. Unfortunately steps 1-6 didn't work. I'm trying to switch to wireguard but I don't see this file: /appdata/binhex-sabnzbdvpn/wireguard/wg0.conf Any idea how I'd get that in the wireguard folder? It's completely empty.
  7. Longtime SABnzbd user but new using a VPN. I signed up for PIA and I can't seem to get this running. If I disable the VPN in the container settings, everything works fine, but when it's enabled, I can't access the web UI. I tried to self-troubleshoot by trying different things in a FAQ but I'm failing miserably. I see a bunch of AUTH_FAILED errors in log but I can't seem to figure out why. Any help is appreciated! supervisord.txt
  8. Update: I rolled back from 6.9.0 beta25 to 6.9.0 beta1 and I was able to gain access to xfs_repair again. I was able to rebuild the fs and once again have access to the lost files on that disk. That being said, I'd still appreciate any insights to my second question above in regards to how I can stop this from happening in the future.
  9. One of my disks has the "Unmountable: No file system" system error. I've had this error in the past and I've been able to fix the issue by starting in maintenance mode and using xfs_repair. This time when I went into disk 6 settings, I can't use xfs_repair and the status is Not Available. This is the first time I've encountered this and I'm not sure how to proceed. Any advice here? Secondly, I keep getting these "Unmountable: No file system" errors. I've replaced the drive, I've replaced cables, replaced my entire power supply and I'm still encountering them. Any insights as to why they keep popping up and how I can get rid of these once and for all? server-diagnostics-20200726-1557.zip
  10. It just finished and appears to have done the trick. Thanks for your help as always!
  11. I ran the --check option and got the following results: https://pastebin.com/RxY7Szbu I see some errors but not sure how to proceed.
  12. Thanks Johnnie, that did the trick. The disk was detected and I was able to successfully rebuild the failed drive on a new disk. One new issue though: I'm missing some files on my user shares. When I check the disk itself, I see them as expected. I tried checking the settings to see if somehow it was excluding some disks but that doesn't seem like the issue. Any idea how I can fix this? server-diagnostics-20200526-1109.zip
  13. After updating, unraid is saying that disk 7 is missing, however, I see it under unassigned devices. I'm a little worried now because I still need to rebuild disk 3. server-diagnostics-20200523-1551.zip
  14. I replaced a drive after encountering some issues with it. The background on that is here: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/91524-solved-unmountable-no-file-system/ I got my new disk, precleared it, then replaced the defective disk. Issue 1: Right after the parity rebuild, another disk failed Issue 2: 4 of my disks (including the failed disk) have the "Unmountable: No file system" message. The error counts on the other disks that did not fail are now >8,000,000 I'm not sure what to do at this point. I'm afraid if I do anything I may dig myself into a deeper hole. Diags attached. server-diagnostics-20200521-0917.zip