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  1. I'm looking at installing openvpn client but only force 1 docker to use it (example torrents) without applying the VPN on my whole network. Possible? I did have it on my pfsense router, but it would severely impact my downloads throughout my entire network.
  2. All I had to do was force scan and there you go.. they all showed up! I love this plug in. 9)
  3. Fantastic plug in ! I've got 36 bays and it's a nightmware when 1 drive goes down. Which one is it now!? Oddly enough, it isn't seeing 3 drives in my array. I'm assuming the "delete flag" on the drives is enabled. Can I modify the DB myself and remove this flag without running through all the manual assignments again?
  4. OP: Did it fix your issue? I've just found this thread because of a similar problem. /var/log was full, and had this error over and over again in my log file.
  5. Ya, i've come to realize that. This is going to be a challenge. I've seen some custom face plates with fans mounted on some supermicro 846's on youtube. I've done the same.. but still isn't enough to bring the HDD temps down.
  6. Well, been playing with this 36 bay unit. really great holding 30 hard drives in 1 box now. It's an Isilon (Dell EMC) 36 bay NL400 chassis.. about $300 on Ebay as we speak. Great deal.. except.. it's loud AF. A real jet engine. The 3 central fans are horrible. I've replaced them with some spare 80mm fans, but .. now its causing the drives to overheat. Guessing I need some good high pressure (and silent) 80mm intake fans. I've put my H55 liquid cooler on 1 CPU for testing.. works, but i can't put the top on the unit since there's no space to mount this in a 2U area (the other bottom half is taken by the rear drive bays.. This is the ebay ad: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Supermicro-36-bay-4U-Server-Storage-Chassis-Extended-ATX-Ethernet-Freenas/202805514541?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I may mount a 200mm fan on the top of my rack to exhaust the heat. I've ghetto mounted 3x 120mm fans on the front of the unit to draw air into it, helped bring it down by 15 degrees, but still not enough. Expansion backplane works great with my LSI2008!
  7. thank you! it arrives today. I will dive into it and report back
  8. Hi guys, My current setup is full and I want to add more drives bays. Found a great deal on Ebay for an EMC Isilon NL 400 case (looks like a supermicro 847 chassis..) I'm currently in a Rosewill 15 bay and using an LSI 2008 in IT mode to connect my 14 drives. Mini SAS SFF-8087 to SATA cables. Will an LSI 2208 work with a 847 backplane? How would I know it has an expander or not ? the case is barebone but has an backplane included. The case hasn't arrived yet, but trying to plan before it's arrival. 2nd: When unplugging my existing unraid drives and putting them into the 36 bay setup.. does SATA plug vs backplane location matter? I want to ensure I don't loose my array! thanks
  9. Anyone able to activate their camera license keys? I can't seem to. It says no connection to the internet when trying to activate them. I've got the network working, able to update apps and shared folders all work. I'm migrating from my actual Synology DS1010+ to a virtualized setup. My DS1010+ is getting quite old (10 years old ...) and I can't justify spending that amount of cash on a newer unit. VM (on EXSI) is working fine.. and also have it on my unraid server.