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  1. I took out the disk from where I moved it, instead of reading the serial from Unifi (where I moved the disk into and read serial from the UI... sorry) WD500AAKS WD Caviar SE16 MDL: WD5000AAKS - 00A7B0 Bit different identifiers then the previous I posted....
  2. It's one the drives that I'm replacing 500Gb (didn't think i mattered when I specified which HDD my setup had) Serial shows up as : WD-WMASY0693555
  3. Removed both NVMes and still C2 : Edit: Turns out it was one of my older HDD that was causing the issue! Disconnected all and reconnected 1-by-1 until it failed! Works now :
  4. WD Blue SN570 NVMe SSD 1TB M.2 (WDS100T3B0C) and Kingston A2000 M.2 250GB Will test soon and post a new reply Corsair RM750X 750W v2 Purchased 2019-12-12, yeah it's the 2018 version I'm looking to buy a new - recommendation is RM550x? I have no good defense, saw 2 NIC - plugged in Will move to just the one.
  5. Hello, thanks for the guide @mguttI've followed your build regarding CPU and MB posted over at "-Die sparsamsten Systeme (<30W Idle)-" Specs: Intel® Core™ i3-8100 CPU @ 3.60GHz C246M-WU4 Corsair RM750x 8x HDD 8TB (power measured while spun down) 2x m.2 NVME for cache 2x NIC connected No PCI-E device No USB device (except Unraid boot USB) VM disabled Docker disabled Unraid 6.11.5 However I'm only able to get as low as 35W right now Getting only to C2 And some phone pictures of bios settings: Edit: added photos
  6. Currently having issues with the following: +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | Thank you for installing Firefly III, v5.3.0! | | This version of Firefly III requires PHP7.4. | | | +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Go! Getting connection "This site can’t be reached" Anyone have a solution?
  7. Hey, Been struggling to get the speeds up and going with the container. PC - 1000Mbps up/down. VM on server - 1000Mbps up/down SABnzdvpn - 120Mbps down Using NordVPN, tried with both udp and tcp OVPN file, any ideas what it could be?