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  1. Set my RAM to 2400 and I am at 25 days uptime with no issue. I think this is the longest uptime I've had since converting my box from Ubuntu 19.04 to Unraid. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. My unraid server (6.8.3) has "crashed" twice now. Last time was after 16 days of up time, this time it was 20 or 21 days. Not really sure what went wrong, just came home from work and couldn't access Plex, and web UI was not responding. I tried to ping the server (, but got no reply. A simple power off and power on, resolved the issue and everything started again without issue; same as last time. Can someone (who is knowledgeable) look at my diagnostics files, and give me an idea of whats going on? Hardware Specs: Asus B450-F Gaming (latest bios) AMD 3400G 3.7 ghz. 16 GB RAM (DDR4 3200 14-14-14-34) 10 x 3 TB (array, with 2 parity) 1 x 1 TB Cache 1 x 512 GB NVME (VM) 1 x 250 GB SSD (VM)
  3. Is there a docker that has statistics for lancache such as this?
  4. Gotcha! I will uninstall atop, and then reboot and see where I am in two weeks 🙂 appreciate the help.
  5. @Pascal51882 Just curious... Any reason Asus includes video out on that motherboard? I've seen this on some other higher end boards, and I have always wondered why they bother since only APU's can use this.
  6. Looking for some help on why my logs are always filling up after about 2 weeks of up time. I've attached the diagnostics file.
  7. Just wanted to get some feedback/advice on this issue I am seeing. When my unRaid server does a parity check I have two drives that "get hot". The drives seem to be fine from SMART. As far as the location of the drives. One of the drives is located in the bottom of the case (with three other drives), and the other is inside the case at the bottom. I have three 120MM fans in the front of the case, the bottom fan (which gives airflow to the bottom drives) is set to 75%, while the other two fans are PMW. I also have two 140MM fans at the top of the case. Thoughts ? Parity check finished (0 errors) Duration: 7 hours, 6 minutes, 22 seconds. Average speed: 117.3 MB/s
  8. I need some help on where I should copy files to. I have a USB drive with several "old" movies I want to add to my Plex library. I can see these movies on the USB drive from the terminal at location: /mnt/disks/usb1/. I was planning on using the gcp command from the "Advanced Copy and Move" plugin, but if there is a better way or easier way I am open to that. For reference it's 129GB of data I need to copy to the array. My question or issue is this, I see my Plex library at several locations: I know I don't want to use #3 as this is the cache location for "new" items not moved to the array yet. Since these are older movies, I don't need them on the SSD cache. So should I copy to #1 or #2 ? 1. /mnt/user/Movies 2. /mnt/user0/Movies 3. /mnt/cache/Movies
  9. Help... Problem with Jackett Version ( version:- v0.14.299-ls59 Build-date:- 2020-03-27T05:07:26-04:00) An error occured while testing this indexer Exception (torrentday): The best overloaded method match for 'Jackett.Common.Models.TorznabQuery.MatchQueryStringAND(string, int?, string)' has some invalid arguments: Parse error
  10. How do I fix this? Jackett isn't working for me rightnow. 😞 I am using linuxserver/jackett version. Thank you.
  11. I have 2 parity drives and 10 data drives in total. All drives are 3 TB's in size. I want to replace 3 drives at once for newer drives. I have less than 3TB total data on the server as I just set this up. Can I shut down the PC, and replace 3 drives and then reboot and have the parity rebuild? The 3 drives I want to replace are NOT parity drives.