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  1. No luck. Maybe I'll reach out to binhex, I must have done something wrong but I don't see what.
  2. Its working on your container! Wow so simple and I never would have thought to try that thank you. I guess I should swap from binhex to yours on both!
  3. Absolutely I'll give yours a rip. Thanks for the help lets see how it goes!
  4. I am using binhex plex and binhex jellyfin. With plex I do have plex pass, but at this point I've been mostly just trying to get it working in either. I see this in jellyfin so I know its transcoding, purposely picking a 4k to 720p in this case. @alturismo this seems to be the jellyfin version of that screen in emby, but it does confirm it is transcoding.
  5. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong but it seems like everything should work, but no luck. Please see the album below this is driving me nuts. This should show every relevant setting. I have the same config in plex and neither plex or jellyfin is showing any GPU usage when it should be transcoding, but the CPU usage is still climbing as high as ever. I must be missing something and could really appreciate some help! https://imgur.com/a/5xEfXdv
  6. I got invidious running great locally 192.x.x.x but I am unable to get it working on NGINX proxy manager. Anyone got it working and mind sharing your config? I have other stuff like jellyfin and Bitwarden working so I have a fairly good understanding on NGINX proxy manager. Ideally I'd like to redirect it to a full base domain like. https://example.com. previously all of my reverse proxied services are subdomains like Bitwarden.example.com
  7. Thank you for all the work done first of all. I just want to clarify that means there will likely be security fixes that do not end up here eventually? I need openVPN due to Wireguard being blocked on many networks etc. So perhaps the best thing to do would be use this for now since it works great, use Wireguard when I can, and setup openvpn configured some other way to get the updates? I just would hate to run something as critical as a VPN without any future patches.
  8. So what is next for people who need openvpn? I run Wireguard yes, but many places block UDP so I need openvpn as a fallback. Is it even safe/secure to use if there will be no further updates? Does openVPN-AS still get updates, just not this particular container?
  9. This is really cool. When I enable "shuffle slides" I get the black screen with no content to display. If I get rid of that it will show what's currently playing and switch between that and 2 on demand titles it seems like. It does seem like its showing TV shows that are not premieres. Maybe I'm interpreting that wrong but I would expect that to mean it would show Bobs Burgers if a new season was about to begin, but not if I have the show in my library? It seems to be showing old tv even with "Show Premieres" checked. Also I think it would be really cool if there was a configuration that allowed it to show now playing and/or coming soon without showing on demand titles. I'd like to put up a "poster" screen somewhere and have a now playing sign that when we are not watching something, will show us "coming soon" movies and new seasons of shows like you'd see in a theater. I love this project. Thank you!
  10. Thank you very much. This is solved and I really appreciate it and will remember for next expansion.
  11. Thank you, here it is. oswald-diagnostics-20201001-2326.zip
  12. I’ve been looking around and no luck. No answers on Reddit either.
  13. I recently added 3 new drives to my system, and now I'm seeing 3 new disk shares under the shares tab in the webUI when previously there were none. Disk 6, Disk 7 and Disk 8 are the names of the shares so that much is pretty clear. I did add 3 new drives, this is definitely them, but what created these disk shares and how can I remove them? I've never had disk shares and didn't do anything that I know of to create them. They are added to the array and show as additional storage. How can I stop sharing them without messing anything up? I've never run into this issue before while adding drives to the array. Thanks in advance.
  14. So I have a win 10 VM on my VLAN 60 (camera VLAN) to run blue iris. I am trying to figure out why DHCP is not working on this VM, and even setting a static IP doesn't allow me to ping the gateway. I think the issue may be related to unraid/the VM not the network. My camera is on the same VLAN and it is getting a DHCP IP in the correct range. I have all the info including screenshots and network diagrams here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PFSENSE/comments/inytvj/camera_vlan_troubles/ What I'm wondering is what causes just the VM to not get an ip. In network settings I have the VLAN configured, but I believe the issue is here in this screenshot. https://imgur.com/a/Ug8GpS4 It is not getting a valid address and doesn't seem to be seeing the gateway. How can I resolve this? Update: When I manually set the ip of the VM to and try to go to the pfsense webui ( I am taken to the unraid webGUI instead If I remove the ip settings and change it to NONE in unraid network settings, I get no reply when trying to access the pfsense webui, even with the same static IP configured on the VM. I know I'm close but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here. Everything else on the VLAN is working appropriately as expected, so I know it must be an unraid thing I am doing wrong.
  15. I am having issues with container to container communication I believe. I have both containers up and running on unraid. I use PFsense as a router with pfblockerng being my only ad blocking (it is disabled for troubleshooting this issue currently). I got synclounge.mydomain.com working in the sense that I can log in to plex within synclounge and I can create a room. When I join the room I see my plex server and it is listing the correct name of the plex server so it can definitely see it, but it says "Unable to connect. Please try disabling your ad blocker". I am so close to making this work I just can't figure out what is missing. The synclounge container is on the proxynet network type since it is behind NGINX Proxy Manager. Other services like bitwarden, nextcloud and jellyfin are working just fine on NGINX Proxy Manager, so I have the correct idea for how this all works on some level. The plex container is currently on HOST network. I've tried bridge/br0 as well as proxynet. Putting plex on anything but host seems to totally break access for me. Anyone have a clue what I'm missing? Both containers are running on the same unraid server. Thanks!