Link Speed on WD White Labels

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20210111_160502.thumb.jpg.19b86f2e29a90abf8672ede8c330cb81.jpgI have a H200 flashed as a LSI 9211-8i in IT mode in my R510, I have two 12TB white label WD drives (WD120EMFZ and WD120EDAZ). Both of those drives are showing link speed of 6Gbps but negotiated at 3Gbps. My other capacity WD white label drives are showing as negotiated link speed of the full 6Gbps. Any suggestions?


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16 hours ago, Lucky3058 said:


I have one of these, when I have some time I will connect it to an LSI to see if it's a general issue, but not something I would worry about, since SATA2 has enough bandwidth for these disks.

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Linking at 6Gbps for me, LSI 9211-4i which is what I had available, so possibly a cable/backplane issue:



But like mentioned you're not missing any performance, SATA2 is capable of 275MB/s




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On 1/13/2021 at 2:04 PM, JorgeB said:

But like mentioned you're not missing any performance, SATA2 is capable of 275MB/s

Forgot to mention, it might degrade performance if using a SAS2/SATA3 expander, since device link speed affects total link bandwidth.

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