So Torn X99 with 12/14 core Haswell Xeon or 10th Gen i5?? Disadvantages?

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Hi All


 So i need to upgrade my CPU its an E3-1226 xeon. its only quad core and with a couple of VM's and a growing number of dockers its often at 100% for a while. Im so stuck on what path to go down. Do i got for a X99 motherboard (used) with a 12/14 core Haswell cpu such as a E5-2680 or higher etc. or do i go for a new i5 for the same price bracket? X99 motherboards seem expensive given 99% are used. but the CPU choice is fantastic and 16c/32c exist at a reasonable price. 


Plex transcodes on a GTX 1060 so that task is taken care of so im not massively worried about quick sync. but am I at a disadvantage going for the older hardware? X99 boards have good amounts of connectivity so thats a bonus. Currently have 14 HDD's connected thats likely to grow. 


Is there any real disadvantage to using non ECC ram as motherboards that dont support ECC ram are half the price. real world situations i mean does it really make that much difference?


thanks for advice. 

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I go to X299 route currently ( if you need pcie and memory capacity), mainly because have nice starting cost ( that time have promotion ), the entry level CPU (44 pcie lane ) cost about $340 and motherboard evga x299 just $150. I use non-ecc memory and now have eight module in total 256GB. That motherboard have some issue with Unraid but not affect the operation, and later I change to Asus.


Some Intel platform have good power management feature, as result, it better then AMD platform. Just set PL1, PL2 to fit your requirement.


No reason go to x99, as you said, 99% was used.

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I just bought a new to me E5 2678v3, a new Huananzhi X99-TF, and a bunch of ecc DDR3 for my new UNRAID/gaming vm build. For what I paid for it, considering I bios hacked it for all core turbo boost, it performs wonderfully. The Huananzhi board, although it has x99 in the name, has a C612 server chipset. Everything works, and works well. Not sure if that helps decision making op, but for me, the price was right. I considered used Threadripper stuff, but I paid like $330 USD for the cpu/board/DDR3 ram vs the cost comparison alone of the alternative.


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