Add warning to "Use cache" share settings and disallow change for appdata share

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Very often new users (me too ^^) do this mistake:

- install Docker Container

- change appdata Cache setting from "Prefer" to "No" or "Only"


And as the files are spreaded across SSD and HDD the docker container fails.


Because of that I like to see this the following enhancement for the appdata Share:



This means its not possible to change the setting as long the docker service is running.


And in general for all other shares it should return a warning depending on the location of the files:



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  • mgutt changed the title to Disallow changing the cache settings of Shares (appdata) in certain situations
4 minutes ago, mgutt said:

Even for the appdata share?


Ok, then it should be possible to select, but it should contain a check/warning:



What do you think?


I like the idea of adding a warning - needs some server side code to implement it but may not be too hard to do. 

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2 hours ago, primeval_god said:

Why would you need to disable the docker service to change the appdata share settings?

this is frequently recommended as any file being held open by a docker container (or the Docker sub-system) will be ignored by mover.  Disabling the Docker service means you will not encounter any problems while files are being moved between drives.

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  • mgutt changed the title to Add warning to "Use cache" share settings and disallow change for appdata share

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