Hacked with drives now empty - Please help!

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3 minutes ago, GaryBellars said:

Hi SpuddyUK, not port forwarding anything to my knowledge. I believe my password was just the default one

I'm going to say you probably are forwarding http/https to the unraid host and that you didn't have a root password. I.E anyone on the internet could access your unraid box. 

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Did you put your server into your router's DMZ?


Does there happen to be any other diagnostics within /logs on the flash drive - relatively recent?  They might shed some light on what/why this happened.


As for recovery, your files are gone, but you might want to look into UFS Explorer (run on a Windows Box, to recover what you've lost), but it's probably pointless unless we can determine why this happened, otherwise it's just going to (probably) happen again.


Are you running a wordpress site or something via a container?

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