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Additional nic in use by unraid!

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Hi everyone.


New unraider here.


Ive recently setup my Supermicro server based on x10srh-cln4f


Ive added a secondary intel quad nic to play with PFSense.


However i keep getting the error that the intel quad nic is in use by unraid.


I have 1 ethernet cable plugged in the ipmi port and 1 in the onboard network card. The ports are "shutdown"  in the network options (new card) but it still in use, no matter what i do.


Little help?





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1 hour ago, Renetarderet said:

However i keep getting the error that the intel quad nic is in use by unraid.

You have four NICs in a bond.  eth0/br0 is the interface that unRAID will always use.  Since you have eth0 eth1 eth2 and eth3 in a bond (looks like Active Backup mode) for use by unRAID, they can not be used in pfSense. 


# Generated settings:
BONDNICS[0]="eth0 eth1 eth2 eth3"


You need to go to Settings --> Network Settings and remove the NICs you do not want in the bond if any of them are on the quad NIC card.


EDIT: If you need to identify which physical NIC has been assigned to eth0, eth1, eth2....etc. you can use this command:


ethtool -p ethX (where X is replaced by the NIC #)


This will cause the lights on the physical NIC to flash identifying it as ethX.  If you want it to flash only for a certain amount of time put a number in seconds on the end of the command.


ethtool -p eth2 10 will cause the NIC assigned to eth2 to flash for 10 seconds


If you don't specify a time, it will flash until you do a CTRL-C from the terminal.

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Thank you for the reply.


The onboard NICS consists of eth0-3 and is "member of bond0"

The Extra intel card consists of eth4-7 and is "shutdown (inactive)" when i look into the settings.


If i understand your comment, it shuld be the nic with eth0-3 that should be reserved. but it is actually the extra nic with eth 4-7.


The onboard one is not reserved at all.. 

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