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Routing a Docker container though a PIA VPN with a Dedicated IP

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I have a container that needs to be routed though a VPN with a dedicated IP (I use private internet access). Anyone have ideas on how I can accomplish this?


I currently do have a binhex-delugevpn container running that uses the same VPN but I can not figure out how to make it work with the dedicated IP. I know if I could get that working I can route this other container though the Duluge container and then it would work.


Reasoning for doing this is I have a service I want to access outside of my home and due to having community wifi I am stuck with a double-nat situation and this seems like the best way to resolve it.


Any help is appreciated.



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1 hour ago, stelks said:

a VPN with a dedicated IP (I use private internet access)

AFAIK, PIA does not offer dedicated IP addresses, only dynamic. There may be providers that do, but I'm not aware of any. Also, PIA only forwards one port through, it doesn't expose the entire range of ports, and then only through select endpoints.

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