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USB 3.2 gen 2 SSD cache pool?

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I've got an hpe gen10+. It has 4 drive bays and 1 PCIe slot. The PCIe is populated with a GPU for hw transcoding. I am current using the server mainly as a docker/VM host with bulk media storage on a Synology. Eyeing some 16tb exos drives and considering buying 4 for the server but then I lose drive bays for my Unraid cache and VM/docker storage. The server has two usb 3.2 gen 2 ports. Would I be nuts to consider buying two external gen 2 usb SSDs to run my cache pool? Looks like near nvme speeds can be had with these but don't know about  reliability

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If this were used only for docker, would it be a concern? I have an HPE gen 10 plus with only 4 storage bays and the single PCIe slot will be populated with my GPU for HW transcoding. Therefore, no additional drive slots other than to use USB. Luckily it has two gen 3.2 slots on the front. I would just use a single USB SSD for docker on an unassigned device and backup weekly to the array. People use these as OS boot drives, so I'm thinking it would be okay. Thoughts?

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I think if you use it as an Unassigned Device then you would probably be OK as the UD plugin can handle devices disconnecting and then reconnecting (not atypical with USB drives).   If used as a cache (pool) drive in the UnRaid sense then I suspect you could encounter problems but you could try it to find out.    The problem with using it as a UD device is that it cannot then participate in User Shares - not sure if think this will matter for you?

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