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Raise Chunk/Block Size of Parity Calculation

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Depending on the performance of the HDD and position of the data on the plattern, the writing speed of the parity varies:







I think the write speed could be better by raising the chunk/block size, so the amount of re-positionings of the Read-Write-Head is reduced. What is the actual size? Did the Limeteach developers already tested a bigger size?


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I’m not very sure on how this works, but by increasing blocksize would that not also mitigate some of the SMR-issues 


based on what i know,  with smr a track will be destroyed if the adjacent track is written and thus has to be re-written. 

This kind of is why smr is stil oké for linear writes but not for random writes.  


I would feel that file-system and parity calculation tuning. MAY somewhat mitigate the smr-drawback


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