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Convert CACHE disk to a SHARE?

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Hi All,

How do I convert my 2TB SSD CACHE disk to a SHARE?  I am running UnRaid 6.9.1 and have a Linux Mint VM installed. I was able to get access to my "MOVIE" share within the NETWORK tree of my Linux Mint VM. However,  in the same NETWORK tree my 2TB SSD CACHE disk does not appear. So what type of configuration setting do I need to apply to my 2TB SSD CACHE disk so that it appears within the NETWORK tree within my Linux Mint VM? Does this require a passthrough be setup for my 2TB SSD CACHE disk?   Any tips will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time.

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Cache pools are disks just like disk 1 disk 2, etc. If you really want to directly access the disks, you can turn on disk shares, but I STRONGLY urge you NOT to do that, at least until you understand what actually is on the disks. It's too easy to erase files permanently doing things you think should be normal and safe.


A better question to ask is...


Why do you want to access the cache pool directly? You can create a new share and designate it to be cache only if you wish, then it will write directly to the cache pool you designate and not be moved to the array.

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Thank you for your post Jonathanm.  The reason has to do with my movie collection migration task. I have a lot of DVDs to copy over to my MOVIES share. My thinking is the migration task will go faster if I copy them over directly to my 2TB SSD CACHE disk. And then in the evening when I am asleep UnRaid automatically moves all of the files located in the 2TB SSD CACHE disk over to my UnRaid Array MOVIES share. 


In short, the purpose is to take advantage of the speed my 2TB SSD CACHE disk offers.  I have four optical drives setup in my Linux Mint VM and I would like to have all four of these optical drives copying over directly to my 2TB SSD CACHE disk to take advantage of the speed the SSD drive offers.   When I finish this movie migration task I plan to remove 3 of the optical drives and just leave a single one for occasional movie rips.


Nevertheless, thanks for your tip on how I can create a new share and designate it as a cache share. I will go back and revisit my MAIN tab because  I did not find such a parameter when I was looking at the Cache disk shown circled below in RED.   I think once I configure it as a share it should theortically appear in my Linux Mint VM Network Tree.  After I have my CACHE disk appearing within my Linux Mint VM the next step is going to be to find a software app that will automatically move the  DVD disk data to the CACHE disk once it detects the drive tray has been closed.  Not sure if such a software app like this exists for Linux Mint but I'm going to start looking for one.


Again thanks for the help.







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If you open up the Shares tab, click on the MOVIES share, and set your MOVIES share use cache pool to Cache: Yes it will work exactly as you are saying. No need to do anything except write to the MOVIES share, new files will be created on the cache pool, and when the mover runs they will get transferred to the main array.


This is the original function of Unraid's cache, it's been working this way for 10+ years, no need to do it manually.

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