rsh/ssh prompt for password when none is required in 6.9.1

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I have no password on the unraid root account.


rsh/ssh prompt for the password and will not log in when the enter key is pressed. This is new behavior in 6.9.1: I have been using ssh for root without a password successfully like forever.


telnet connects without requiring a password.


The GUI itself opens without requiring a password.


The web GUI console opens without requiring a password.


Any suggestions?



- Eric

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@John_M - Thanks for taking the time to point this out in the release notes. (They've moved to now.) This explains what I've discovered re ssh requiring that root have a password, but doesn't explain either why this is now required nor why other avenues of access (telnet, web UI, samba) do or don't require it. I'll have to find out how to register a complaint with management.



- Eric

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January 1, 1968 Seatbelts became a requirement and to many it was a "I don't want to use it", but it has become the standard to which all vehicles now have them. 


Don't think of the Requirement for a Root password as a force. Nearly all OS's ask you to set a root password. I feel for you that you don't want to, but there has been many reported hacking's over the past month or two and tons of data has been lost and it has been identified that many never set something as simple as root password. 

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