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Monitoring/Managing servers remotely, without allowing client servers to "see each other"


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What I mean by seeing each other is that to use the "my servers" plugin, you must login to your forum account on the server. I will be referring to those servers as clients. If I have x amount of clients I want to monitor and manage, will those clients be able to login to my account and manage other clients? My plan is to sell ready to go storage solutions to my local businesses(I live in a small city) with unraid installed. I would buy the parts, build the machines, install them and manage them later remotely if necessary. You may have noticed a problem. If I want to manage multiple clients, they too would be able to log in to my account and see other clients. Is there any way I can manage x amount of clients, without them being able to see each other? Of course it is an option to just remote in or just go physically there, but it isn't the best option.

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Currently Unraid isn't meant to be resold, and as such if you buy the license under your credentials, it remains your license. Reselling is against the TOS.


However... I get where you are wanting to go, and if you are up front with your clients that the hardware is theirs, but the license remains yours and they are ok with you being the only point of contact for official support, then I see no issue in doing what you propose. The "my servers" credentials aren't used to actually manage the servers, the root password is still needed. My servers is just a way to get to the management login remotely, and the clients should only need to manage the servers locally. If they need remote management as well, I suggest setting them up with the wireguard VPN that only connects directly to their server.


Disclaimer: I am NOT a Limetech employee, my statements are based on what I have learned and experienced over many years. If you wish to discuss resale of licenses you will need to talk to Limetech directly.


I would strongly suggest not doing what you are proposing, only because the ongoing support to keep your clients happy is likely to be more time consuming than they are willing to pay for. Don't get me wrong, I love Unraid and have helped a few select clients set up their own Unraid machines, but they bought the licenses and manage things themselves with minimal handholding. I do not promote Unraid as a typical business solution, only because somebody on the payroll needs to be running it, the ongoing support for an office with only basic tech experience would quickly sour the client on the support needs.


@jonp would be a good person to contact if you want a more official answer.

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Currently Unraid isn't meant to be resold, and as such if you buy the license under your credentials, it remains your license. Reselling is against the TOS

That honestly confuses me a little bit, since there is an option to buy a license as an oem.
I am not trying to resell the license, but sell them the hardware and technical support as I would configure everything for them etc. They would own the license and the hardware. Also, it is meant to be as simple as possible for the clients as I would be doing everything to get the system up and running and doing maintenance on it if necessary. On site or remotely, as I live in a small city where everything is within 10 kilometers.
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