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NZBget issues with download performance

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Hello all.

I have reinstalled Unraid  (6.9.1) to a new pc (transfering the USB I had) and reinstalled all dockers from scratch. While everything seems to work ok, I am facing issues with NZBget that I didn't have before. The download speed is max at 1,5-2 mb/s (while the previous was 5,5). I would guess this has something to do with the ISP, but what I noticed is that the download is cycling between queued and downloading. I have disabled the option to unpack every packet after it downloads, but it seems that the issue remains. I guess that it has something with the disk that it writes on and causing this bottleneck?

The download folder is within the array, yet I see it is assigned on one disk only.



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3 hours ago, Pateritsas said:

The download folder is within the array, yet I see it is assigned on one disk only.


More correct to say that you have let it use default settings, which is highwater, include all, cache-no. It is currently only using one disk because it hasn't reached highwater yet.


That is all fine, but the question is whether you were caching these downloads on your previous setup.

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Also, your system share has files on the array. You want appdata, domains, system to be all on cache and set to stay on cache so your docker / VM performance won't be impacted by slower array, and so disks can spin down since these shares will always have open files.


Possibly the system share on disk1 isn't really being used but no way to know from diagnostics. You would have to take a look at /mnt/cache/system and /mnt/disk1/system and see what is in each.

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