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Docker slow after upgrading to 6.9

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I recently upgraded my unraid server, and the first thing I noticed was that all my docker commands are responding VERY slowly. It takes nearly 30 seconds now to start up a new container that I already have the image of, and a docker pull can take almost 5 minutes depending on how many steps it has.


Did anyone notice this after the upgrade? If so, is there any way to fix this? Or steps to figure out why its so slow?


Edit: Once the container is started though, the container itself is fine. Its only when creating a new container, pulling a new image, building a new image, or stopping a container that's slow.

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sorry for the late reply. attached is my diagnostics. let me know if you're able to find anything that's causing the slowness.


<attachment removed>


EDIT: I decided to recreate my docker img (in Settings > Docker > Enable Docker > No, Apply, then flip it back to Yes again with defaults), and after recreating it, docker is quick again!


Just wanted to mention that here in case someone runs into the same issue.



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