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UNraid running on ProxMox - ACPI Shutdown not working

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I am just doing some feasibility testing of running UNRaid as a VM in ProxMox.  Yes I know it is not recommended, I have a full running Unraid server on my network.  I am just playing around.


I can say it does work 99% correctly.  I was able to pass through a pci sata card and all drives show up.


The only problem I can find is that I can not issue a shutdown command from Proxmox.  It is supposed to send an ACPI shutdown but UNRaid does not respond to it.  The acpid on unraid is running as well as I enabled qemu-guest-additions.


I can shut down other VM's on proxmox, just not unraid.  Maybe it is not even possible I don't really know.


Any suggestions is appreciated.


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Yes that would work for a power outage but I believe that would only shutdown UnRaid and not safely shutdown proxmox.


Then there is the case if I wanted to reboot the proxmox server.  Would be nice to do it without having to log into the UnRaid gui and shut it down first.


I am sure there is something I am doing wrong or have something set wrong.



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