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Issues with Version 6.9.1

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My issue mirrors what many have already posted. Version 6.8.3 worked with no problems for about a year but when I upgraded to 6.9.1 I have experience nothing but problems. When the server boots, the Web GUI on the Windows 10 PC I use can sign in with no problem but if I try to start the array it gets stuck in "Starting Services." The only way to get through to it is to reboot the server to the GUI (because I don't know anything about Linux) and start it there. Is I try to update any settings in the Web GUI in my PC it hangs and I have to reset the server. I am attaching the mirrored log file from my flash drive. If this incorrect I apologize and please direct me to the correct procedure. If there is no solution, how do I revert to version 6.8.3 without erasing the Parity Drive. Thanks in advance.


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Thanks.  Do this:


Reboot the server into GUI mode, then from Windows, log in and try and start the array.  If it fails, then from the GUI do another Tools - Diagnostics.


What you're saying about it getting "stuck" doesn't really make much sense as fundamentally there's zero difference between logging in via GUI mode and remotely on another computer.

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Well, now everything is working. I rebooted the served one more time, I changed the server IP to static, the DNS to static using and restarted docker then started the array and everything works. I don't know what happened or if it is going to stay working. Thanks for the help anyway. I'll post again if I have more problems. 

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